A 3-in-1 post!

A huge festive greeting to you all! I hope you’ve managed to now unwrap all your pressies and are delighted with what Santa got you for Xmas!

I’ll keep this post brief as I’m shortly off to see my family which means I’ll get to play with my neices and nephews!

1) Firstly, a belated happy birthday to UnlimitedChoice.org. It’s been just over two years since I first wrote my first blog post and I must say that this blog has come along way and will continue to make strides. There is much work I must do with this blog and many projects and new ideas I still have planned. All part and parcel or my grand design and purpose for my life which seems to take massive shifts every 6 months at the moment. So happy 2nd brithday to UC.org.

2) Secondly A belated merry xmas to you all! Whatever you’ve been up to I hope that you’ve had a wonderful time with family and friends and if you haven’t had a great time, then maybe you and I can work together to make next year a much more fulfilling and enjoyable time!

3) HAPPY NEW YEAR! Earlier this year and last last year I wrote a couple of blog posts with regards to new years resolutions that still apply so whatever happens make use of that extra power that this time of year brings with it. I, for one, will definitely be writing down my goals and reviewing them regularly to make sure I’m am on track or adjusting them as and when I need to to keep up with the pace of everything I do! So below are the links to my previous posts, use those ideas and suggestions to thrust yourself into a solid year of progression and personal evolution!

Don’t Lie!
Create and begin your new years resolutions now!

Wishing you all the best and more for 2008!

Amit Sodha – Editor – UnlimitedChoice.

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  1. Apresh says:

    Happy New Year brother! Best wishes for 2008!!

    All the best


  2. It’s also important to have an action plan for those goals. Otherwise, they’ll stay as numbers to be checked on the list until another year passes by. It also helps to just focus on one specific goal so you can really focus on fulfilling it.

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