Blackberry and email blogging

I recently got my free Blackberry Bold mobile phone upgrade to replace the Nokia N95 8GB that I was using. (Although I will still be using and keeping my N95 for my other contract but primarily for the camera!) It was a difficult choice but in the end I wanted to get a device that had a full qwerty keyboard that wasn’t a PDA style slide-out keyboard and the Bold was the only one that fit the bill. The Nokia E71 was an option but the keyboard seemed less usable to me. (Especially taking into account my giant sized hands) 😆

I am still a strong fan of the Nokia’s and in my mind the Nokia N95 8GB is by far the best phone ever made so far. It doesn’t look amazing but it has every feature you would would want your gadget to have with the exception of Digital Radio.

I had the opportunity of using the new Nokia Push email service which was, I have to say, excellent and I would go so far to say that it is better than the Blackberry Internet Service. The great thing about the Nokia push email was that it would mark emails as read once you opened them but the Blackberry services does not do that.

I wanted the full qwerty keyboard so that I could blog on the move because I am always out and about. The easiest way of doing that without going to the browser on my Blackberry is to use the wordpress email blogging facility. The problem is that I cannot get it to work! I’ve posted a help message on the wordpress forums but I have yet to receive a response. If anyone would be willing to help me get it working I would greatly appreciate it!

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