Deep breathing trial – Day 3

Day 3 of my deep breathing trial and nothing major to report so far except a continuation of what I mentioned yesterday that doing the breathing gives me a feeling of warming up inside almost in the same way as if I was doing gentle exercise. In many ways it does feel like I’m doing a mini work out each time I do one of my repetition sets.

The other big discipline coming out of this is slowing down and simply doing nothing. I am so used to rushing around from one thing/event/sport/activity to the next that I rarely ever take a minute just to be. That moment of just being is so powerful. Not focussing on the past or the future, only on now! If you’ve never tried that before I highly recommend it. In this day and age we’re all so used to being constantly on the go doing various things and our thoughts flailing around on just about anything else other than the thing that is most important; this moment!

I’m very curious to see ultimately what the effect of this trial will be. I’m hoping that it will boost my energy levels, make me more emotionally stable and give me greater stamina and fitness. Who knows, one, all or none of those things might happen, it could even be a completely different set of results and produce outcomes that I didn’t even foresee.

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