Deep breathing trial – Day 4 & 5

Today is day five of my trial and being completely honest I haven’t noticed any benefits so far of doing the deep breathing. It’s still early days yet and a long way to go so who knows that might change as time passes but still nothing major to report back. I’m wondering if it also has anything to do with the fact that because I already exercise regularly and vigourously that this, additional breathing regime, may not make any difference.

At the moment I’m playing badminton four times a week and for usually for about three hours at a time. I used to only play doubles but now I’ve taken up singles as well which is much more intense and tiring. I always find that with singles I naturally breathe much more heavily and deeply because I take every single shot myself and you don’t have a partner to rely on to cover me.

When I made the jump from doing no exercise to when I started exercising regularly I experienced a surge of energy and so I’m wondering if I’ve reached the peak of what you can gain from deep breathing. Again only time will tell and I’ll know for sure over the coming weeks.

Generally speaking if I don’t see the benefits of doing something very quickly I get bored and lose interest very quickly. Because of that I’m finding it difficult to remain disciplined in carrying out my 3 sets each day, and as each day passes, its getting harder and harder to stick to.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Amit! How can you get bored in doing the breathing exercises? In any case, thirty days is too short a period for them to show in it any real improvement in your physical or mental health. Persist and you’ll be a gainer.

  2. Sarju says:

    I’ve found that concentrating on the breathing to the exclusion of everything else helps or for example imagining breathing in white light and breathing out the toxins rubbish etc.

  3. Amit Sodha says:

    Hi Kanan,

    I truly didn’t expect feeling bored either but that’s just how I felt. I’ve found it more constructive doing whilst I’m actually doing something rather than doing nothing. I find it a completely different experience to meditation.

  4. Amit Sodha says:

    Hi Sarju,

    That’s also a challenge as I’m finding that I need to remain focused on the counting. I can do other tasks that require very little of my conscious capacity but using my imagination seems quite difficult.

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