John DeMartini back in London…

Hi All,

John DeMartini is back in London and I’m fortunate enough to be attending the Breakthrough Experience this weekend. He is also giving his inspiring talks on Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th of June and there are still tickets available and because you found out through here you can get the special rate ticket of just £20. Click here to book your ticket!

I believe there are also still tickets available for John DeMartini’s Breakthrough Experience weekend for which you can get tickets from here. He is also running a speed reading course on Friday 27th of June and you can get tickets for that here

For those that have not heard of him, JDM was also featured on ‘The Secret’ and has written somewhere in the region of 250 books and has himself read over 29000 texts on philosophy, science, spirituality and theology.

If you’ve never heard John speak then I can assure you his is by far one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. So take this opportunity now, get a ticket and make sure you get down there to hear this inspiring man speak!

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