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It’s 12.30 am, for the last few weeks I’ve been surviving on 4 – 5 hours sleep as I’ve had many things on so hence my slow blogging for the last few days….I just wanted to share some random stuff with you, just probably because I’m delirious and a bit sleep deprived!

1) I’m now hosting my own radio show, if you live in west London you can listen to me on 89.6FM or you can catch me online at https://www.westsideradio.co.uk. I do the weekend breakfast show from 8 – 11am Saturday and Sunday. I originally asked the station manager if I could get any slot and do a Life Coaching show, they didn’t like the idea. 😛 By some strange twist of choices, I ended up doing the breaky show…it’s not the kind of stuff I’d normally do, i.e. I do stuff like random news, showbiz gossip etc…however I’m loving it and having fun!

2) Just for the hell of it, my friend and I decided to put my USB stick to the test. I recently purchased a Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 4GB stick. The claim was that it can withstand 2000lbs of pressure so I decided run over it with my car….not a scratch on it! I was to say the least, most impressed!

3) I’m entering the world of stand up comedy! I got challenged by a friend to partake in his amateur comedy night so very soon I’ll be doing a 15 minute comedy set. We had our first rehearsal with a test audience the other night. My slot didn’t go so well but that’s because I’d literally written my jokes two hours before and didn’t have a chance to practise them first. I’m sure next time it will go much better and I’ve promised not to quit my day job! 😆

4) Last night I played 3.5 hours of badminton without stopping. Strangely enough, I’m not tired from it.

5) People keep asking me what I want for Xmas….It’s only November people! But incase you’re curious and also feeling kind and generous…it’s what I always want for Xmas and my B’days…any funky new gadget e.g. the new nokia n95 8GB black version or aftershave; my favorites are Eternity EDT, Ghost EDT, Police EDT, or Farenheit EDT. Any of those will go down a treat, thank you!

6) For the last 3 weeks I’ve had a twitch in my right eye…apart from sleep does anyone know a good cure for this?

7) Ladies, I’m single, but if you want me for a date you’re gonna have to join the queue like the rest of them!

8) I do some good impressions…of which my best are: i) The weird science professor from The Simpsons. ii) Mr T. iii) Donald Duck iv) Sean Connery. v) The Queen

9) I was born in Wales…God, what did I do to deserve that?

10) Dear Universe…I wish to place a cosmic order…please and you send me a Kelly Brook or the nearest human female that looks just like her! With gratitude.

11) I failed my CCNA 3 times. As Gloria Gaynor once said: “I will survive!” I will pass it someday!


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  1. kavikim says:

    number 8 – you forgot you can do an impression of quagmire from family guy – giggidy! he he he!!!!
    ….and don’t forget baby talk! 🙂 xxx

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