Lets pretend…

I think these two words could revolutionise the way people think. I’m willing to bet me life that the last time any of you used those two words were when you were a young child in imaginary mode getting ready to play a game.

“Lets pretend” or “pretend that” are great ways to get the imagination and creativity flowing. Our imagination is the tool that allows us to visualise anything that we choose. As kids we did it all the time. We pretended that we were Cowboys and Indians, Doctors and Nurses, Super hero’s and Villains, Cops and Robbers! Anything that our minds could conceive, we would pretend it and play! 🙂

As we get physically older people have a tendency to cloud themselves in this world of “adulthood”. We go from the joy of youth and innocence into a world where we love to criticise ourselves over the smallest of things. Self criticism becomes much easier than self praise.

In the space of your own home and your own time, allow your inner child out for a little fresh air. allow your imagination to run wild. Pretend you’re in another place, another person, a different time. Just as you would watch a film in front of you, create a film of your choosing in your mind. regain the power of your visualisation and create the powerful feelings associated with whatever film you create.

Imagine yourself as you favorite super hero, become that persona and the embodiment of everything he or she stands for. Fly around the world and go save the people that need saving. let you imagination out for some fresh air. Pretend anything that you desire! 🙂

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