Meeting John DeMartini…

Yesterday Evening I had the great priveledge of obtaining complimentary tickets for seeing John DeMartini speak in person. He has to be the most inspiring speaker I’ve seen to date. He really knows how to get people inspired and into action. If there was only one person I could model myself on he would be it. I could sit there and listen to him talk for hours and hours on him sharing his stories and experiences of how he has come to reach 2 billion people on the planet so far.

For anyone who is interested you can still obtain tickets to see him today, tomorrow or Friday discussing other topics such as relationships and health. The website where you can get tickets is Triumphant Events.

I went with my close personal friend Mamta who is also a Life Coach. It was her first experience of seeing him. I was fortunate enough to see him speak at Akasha back in August 2007.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, John DeMartini is a Speaker, Entreupreneur, and an author of 250+ books and he himself has read over 29000 texts in over 200 different disciplines. He also appeared on ‘The Secret’. Yesterdays talk was about ‘Breakthrough in Business’ and he cetainly delivered what he promised. The great thing about seeing Dr DeMartini is that he spent over 2 hours talking, sharing and teaching people what it takes to succeed in business and only the last three to four minutes was used by T.E. talk about his future events.

His message was quite simple and clear; if you love what you do then it takes no effort to get out of bed in the morning and do it. If you love what you do keep doing it; but if you’re doing what doesn’t align with your values then you will always be in the procrastination zone. So it’s quite simple; find what you love, do it and keep doing it, and what it takes to do what you love will also come to you!

I was fortunate to meet him at the end and share a little joke with him. I said: “John, we share something wonderful in common.” He asked: “What’s that?” I responsed: “We both both look way younger than we are!” He chuckled! I still can’t believe he’s 53!

On Monday I’m going to one of T.E.’s breakfast meetings to see Roger Hamilton. If you want to go visit their website and get yourself a complimentary ticket!

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5 Responses

  1. Kavita says:

    That so totally rocks dude!

  2. Amit,

    Congratulations on meeting Dr. Demartini!

    He’s an impressive guy and doesn’t beat around the bush. I love how he gets right to the heart of matters.

    I’ve never met him but I’m fortunate enough to be doing an interview with him in February for my Masters of the Mind teleseminar series.

    If you’re interested, you can register for the calls for free at

    Maybe one day I’ll get the opportunity to see him in person and, if I’m as fortunate as you were, meet him up close.

    Thanks for writing about your experience!

    Michael D. Walker

  3. Amit Sodha says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments! Wow, best of luck for that interview; that will definitely be an incredible experience for you! I will definitely sign up and listen in on the teleseminar and thank you for bringing it to my attention!

    I love the title of your website too, very catchy!

    Best wishes!

  4. Linda says:

    it is always more fun if you love what you do… no problem there!!!!!

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