New wordpress blog plugin…

For those who’ve been here before or to those who regularly visit the blog you’ll have noticed that I’ve installed a new wordpress plugin that allows me to see the number of times each post has been viewed and on the right hand side you’ll see links to the top 5 viewed posts.

Even though many of my posts will have been viewed thousands of times already I decided to install this now as I will be useful for me in the future in seeing which are my posts are drawing the most attention and which ones are not so in the future I can then improve the titles and content of my blog posts.

I already have a rough idea of which posts are my most viewed but it will be interesting to see over the next few months which posts will be in the top 5. Currently, among the most popular, and most found through google are:

Building your will power
The power of a repetitive thought
Perception Vs Reality
Internalizing Vs Externalizing
Stuck and not sure what to do with life

If you’re thinking of adding a new feature to your blog it’s a great feature to have and will give you some interesting and useful stats upon which to build and grow your blog.

2 Responses

  1. ross says:

    Hey Amit

    I did used to have one of these but it was pretty poor! Yours looks good though mate – what is it called?

    Hope all is good

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey Ross,

    Great to hear from you! Yeah it’s a great plugin to have…

    Here’s the link for the actual plugin –

    And here’s the link with the setup instructions –


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