Second give-away business idea – I.T. Audio Books…

It’s been over a year since I gave away my first business idea and I thought it about time to give away another one. This idea only occured to me recently after trying to pass my CCNA. I personally find, that reading material, that I don’t necessarily enjoy, truly painful to say the least and the CCNA was no exception! I found it rather agonising reading through the books and manuals and found it to be a poor use of time and highly frustrating! 😳

Even though I created mind maps and I covered a lot of ground I think where I failed was lack of understanding with regards to the application of certain priciples of networking. I find that certain topics within the I.T. world, for example: subnetting, tend to have extremely long winded explanations where it truly isn’t necessary can could be explained with very simple analogies or illustrations.


So this is my idea:

As far as I can see, there are very few, if any at all, I.T. audio books that can be used as study aids when people study for exams such as the CCNA. I.T. text books generally are about 400 – 700 pages long and as I mentioned previously, are dominated by truly long winded explanations and technical jargon, that can be replaced with very simple analogies and illustrations. So why not create simple MP3 I.T. audio book summaries or revision notes that people can listen to while also doing other activities e.g. running.

When creating the audio books, they don’t necessarily have to be the entirity of a text book from start to finish. They could easily be revision notes that people can listen to while they’re at work or as they’re going to sleep!

This whole area has yet to be tapped and would need thorough exploration and experimentation but I definitely feel that this has the potential to be a lucrative idea! In many ways it’s a paradox that the I.T. world, the industry at the leading edge of technology, has yet to catch up with the rest of the world with very a simple application of technology that already exists. It could even be used in conjunction with lab software that you might purchase

So there we have it! A very simple idea with limitless potential. I would love to be able to explore this idea further but it simply isn’t a passion of mine. But who knows, maybe this is something that you might love to do and try out? 😉


I.T. geeks are people too you know! 😆

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  1. That is an excellent idea!

    When it comes to explaining store-and-forward, and describing the internals of a packet, I think that diagrams simply can’t be replaced. When I was studying for my CCNA (which I failed by 10 points… ouch), I used a set of CDs with videos on them, provided by my father. (It was a “learnkey” or “learning key” course on the Cisco ICND series, if I remember correctly… It has been over a year since I looked at those disks.)

    MP3s could work great, if you can get writers who can describe abstract concepts. Video presentations would work extremely well, because you can actually see an IP passing through a bitmask when you’re subnetting, explaining in a minute what Cisco explains in a few chapters.

    It wouldn’t work very well while a person was jogging, but my PDA has video playback on it… I could load an .avi file and study while I’m riding an exercise bike or using a treadmill. It’s also easier to rewind a video file to the start of a topic that went over your head, because you have visual cues to make up for the choppy, backwards audio.

  2. kavikim says:

    A-men to the geek squad! xxx

  3. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey Adam,

    I definitely agree that there’s no way you could replace the main books or manuals completely but moreso that they would act as a supplement. E.G. you could have audio notes on topics such as: the deftault distances of EIGRP or RIP etc, The differences and key attributes of each routing protocol etc, the key features of switches and routers etc…that’s just to suggest but a few but like I said I feel this idea has got unlimited potential.

    Thanks for your feedback and comments!


  4. online book store says:

    Creating IT realted audio books is a great idea because generally it books contains a large content and with help of audio books we can listen ,even while doing another activity.

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