The Power of the Human Mind

“Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.”

– Dr. Joyce Brothers

Have you made up your mind about what you believe about the human mind?

The human mind is a powerhouse of magnificence and potentiality. Information permeates the mind in different ways. Some believe that you can train the mind just like a muscle. Some people believe that the mind has it’s limits and others believe that you shouldn’t mess with the mind.

I found an article online that I was reading yesterday that branded the entire self-help industry a sham! I’m not really into generalisations. I know that there are people out there only doing things for personal and financial gain without the genuine desire to contribute and help others. Saying the whole industry is a sham though is a form of extremeism. I could quite easily say that all politicians tell the truth all the time and always create policies that are in our best interests. Does that make it true? No of course not! There are some genuine politicians out there who doing a great service and representing the people well. (Often they’re the ones who you don’t see in the mass media.) And then you get those who might make false promises just in order to get votes. They play to your needs and then use them to get what they want. How you define that?

Some might say that the pharmaceutical industry does everything it does with our best interests at heart! If they did, they wouldn’t tell you to spend your money on pointless pain killers, for minor ailments. They would tell you that very often headaches are caused by dehydration. If they persist then see your doctor but don’t mask them with pain killers.

Does it make any of this true? My perception is being edited by all the information I’ve processed and through that I’m filtering and offering my opinion of what that it all means. You’re doing the exactly the same thing. You may have a belief about something which, without even realising, is something you’ve acquired just because you’ve been told to. Imagine if you chose to believe something different and explored the possibility that you can do anything? How would that make your life different to what it is now?

Am I selling something? Yes! I’m selling the idea that you can be so much more than you are right now if you choose to be! If you happy exactly as you are, great! If you’re not then know that you have a tool, the value of which is immeasurable, at your disposal to harness at any time for any purpose.

Watch the following video and follow the instructions carefully.

Isn’t it amazing what the power of focus can do?

You were given a task which you focussed on and saw though. I believe this is what they call, in psychology, a ‘scotoma’. Something so simple gave you enough desire to be so focussed that you missed something that glaringly obvious.

Last night I was speaking with a friend. We were talking about how we both had neither seen nor heard from a mutual friend. I casually joked that it was because she was spending so much time with her boyfriend and no longer had time for us. I also said that it wouldn’t surprise me if marriage was on the cards for her soon. The truth is I had no idea about any of this and everything I said was all in jest. I knew that she had a boyfriend and that was about it. Literally, less than 3 minutes later, I got a text message from that friend saying that her boyfriend had proposed to her on Sunday and she said yes! (If you’re reading this; you go girl!)

People are out there trying to convince me that we don’t have deeper connections and that psychic energy is not prooven. HELLO?! I’m sure millions of us have had similar experiences. What more proof do you need?

I don’t need to tell you what all those successful people have achieved just by believing in something. Go and have a look at all the amazing information out there that demontrates that kind of power you have at your will. With all of this kind of information to hand what do you choose to believe? If you choose to believe the mind is nothing special and just runs on auto pilot; then that’s exactly what it will be to you. If you believe it is much more to you and has a power that puts nothing out of your reach; then likewise that is exactly what it will be to you!

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  1. Lindsey says:

    We should understand that doing a psychic reading is a big responsibility which can be very emotional and sensitive process for all the parties who are getting involve.

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