The spiritual mindset…

Very often, I hear people say: “I don’t have the time to sit down and pray. I don’t have the time to meditate for 20 minutes a day. I don’t have the time to write about my results and outcomes. I don’t have to the time to look after my well being.” And on and on and on it goes!

You don’t have to find a special time to meditate. You can meditate right now. You can pray right now if you choose. On my forums, I just wrote as my daily power thought: “It doesn’t just take prayer and meditation, every action and interaction can be a part of your spiritual development if you choose it to be.” And this is so true. Over the last few weeks my every interaction with every new soul that I’ve met has been a powerful spritual encounter. Just yeterday I met this young woman who is a musician. We ended up having a incredibly deep spiritual conversation. Later we also realised that we had met on the internet a few years earlier but we lost touch. How uncanny was that!

I’m only attracting those people to me who seem to understand that level of spirituality and personal development. My every conversation with people ends up being about: God, the universe, positivity. I think people find it really fascinating that I speak so highly about life and constantly feel so good. Many people talk in a pessimestic way about everything and so I think people are finding somewhat a bit of a breath of fresh air to talk to someone about life in a good way.

Life is beautiful, the present is an amazing gift, use this great gift and power wisely.

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