7 Mighty Quotes To Help You Through Difficult Times

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I’ve mentioned before that I had been through some very tough and challenging times recently. I can say now with a measure of certainty that I am now past the worst and darkest times, and am well on my way to re-discovering my light.

It took a lot of time, effort and work on myself to pull myself through, as well as help from dear friends and even kind strangers. I took whatever help I could and got myself back on track.

As part of that journey, there were a few quotes that really gave me the edge to keep going. I remembered them every single day. I used them, scribbled them down, and kept them in my mind so that when things got particularly bad, I would be able to remember them at the right time, when needed and leverage their power to pick myself up.

I wanted to share those quotes with you here, so should you, or anyone you know being going through a difficult or dark period, remind them of these quotes or get them to keep them with them at all times. Use these powerful words to change any situation.

Bruce Lee Quotes

This first one for me is one of the most powerful reminders because deep down, there is a part of me that wants things to be easy; I want an easy life. However this is a reminder that life will always have it’s ups and downs and so it’s better to have the strength to deal with things, rather than wish that they never happen.

John Wooden Quotes

This constantly reminds me that no two people react the same way to a given situation. Some may take an event to be a bad thing, others may interpret it as a good thing. It all comes down to what you choose to make of the situation.

Maya Angelou Inspirational Quote

Any time I took a hit, I got back up because I decided to. I was bruised, I was stumbling, but I got back up because I knew there was more of me if I really dug deep. Keep getting up!

Jim Rohn Quotes

Excuses will hold us back and only when we move past them can we move forward. If you’re really determined to do something will you strive forward and do it. If you find yourself making excuses, maybe it’s not what you really wanted at all?

Zig Ziglar Quotes

Such a simple piece of advice but something I’ve only just really grasped. You have to finish your course of medicine in order to reap the benefits. The same goes for motivation and inspiration. You need a dose of it daily!

Falling Apart Quotes

I don’t know where this quote came from but I do know – it is spot on! You will never truly know why things happen until you connect the dots backwards.

Ultimately – I had to talk myself back from going down a bad path and making bad choices. I reminded myself of these few things every day.

And lastly here are some words from me. I really want you to keep this with you at all times. Remember that no matter how bad things get, there is always a way to navigate through and better better off through the experience.

Life Quotes

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  1. Great news bro! I knew nothing could keep you down for long. Love the quotes. Very powerful!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Milan,

      Thank you my friend, nothing keeps me down for long that’s for sure! 😉

      Hope you’re keeping well and congrats on the new book. Lets get those books out there – are you up for doing another post as an accompaniment to both the e-books you’ve created recently? 🙂


  2. fiona mpanya says:

    very powerful

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