A Top 30 Chart Of The Most Uplifting Songs Of All Time

On Sundays, before I host my chat show, my colleague Eve presents the Chart Show and does a run down of the 20 biggest hits of the week. Before we switch over, in between shows, we’ll try and out smart each other by sneaking into the studio to scare the other; have a wrestling match; or, she’ll try to spray me with perfume and I’ll spray her with some man-scent! All battles which, because of my superior size and intellect, and because I have a mini copy of ‘The Art of War’ on my desk, I usually emerge victorious!

Anyway, with that in mind I wanted to present you all with a list of my top 30 chart of the most uplifting songs of all time! You’ll see some familiar ones in there and some not so familiar, either way all of these songs have some kind of special memory for me and songs you can listen to any time and anywhere!

30. Rebecca Ferguson – Too Good To Lose

A recent song that makes you feel special when you hear it. 🙂

29 – Survivor – Burning Heart

This list would not be complete without some of the Rocky sound tracks; this one of course being from Rocky IV where he had to fight the evil Russian Ivan Drago!

28. JoJo – Anything

Simply a great song with a sample of Toto – Africa and used so well. A song you can listen to any time and for any occasion!

27. Tupac – Until The End Of Time

Using a sample of Mr. Mister – Broken Wings Tupac came up with a track that never fails to make me feel good.

26. John Legend – Ordinary People

One of the smoothest R n’ B artists around and I still remember being in the car hearing this track and falling instantly in love with it!

25. Phil Collins – Take Me Home

Simply a classic!

24. The Family Stand – Ghetto Heaven

I love this track with a beat and melody that just can’t help you unwind.

23. Kenny Loggins – Highway To The Dangerzone

We all knew that this list wouldn’t be complete with at least one of the songs from the Top Gun sound track.

22. Joe Ft Papoose – Baby Where You At

This is a bit of a sad song but I just love the melody and the beat and it always makes me feel good!

21. Nickelback – How You Remind Me

Nickelback is the only rock concert I’ve ever been to. One of their awesome tracks that you just never get tired of hearing.

20. Sam Sparro – Black And Gold

A recent song, probably one of those ones you either love or hate. I just happen to love it!

19. Timbaland Ft Keri Hilson – The Way I Are

I’ve always said that Timbaland is the Mozart of Hip Hop and here’s a good example of why. In a club this never fails to get people onto the dance floor!

18. Snoop Dogg Ft Justin Timberlake – Signs

It’s just a great chooooooon!

17. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Twist And Shout

This is one of those that you’ll unconsciously start moving your butt to…in public places.

16. Josh Osho – Redemption Days

If you’re ever in a bad place, put this song on replay, it was turn your whole day around!

15. Eric Benet – The Hunger

Eric has got to be one of the smoothest RnB artist/singers out there! This track is sheer heaven, a great track to make love to! 😉

14. Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler

Another one of those tracks that just gives you that get-up and go!

13. Chaka Khan – I Feel For You

An all time classic that will be around and played forever!

12. Tina Turner – Simply The Best

No personal development seminar would be complete without some TT!

11. Pointer Sisters – Jump

A happy go lucky track with clips from the 1984 Olympics.

10. Bruce Horsby And The Range – The Way It Is

A mellow classic that just makes you chillax!

9. Ollie & Jerry – There’s No Stoppin’ Us

Okay, I was a huge break-dance fan when I was a kid and yes, I do have both movies on DVD. What’s not to like about this song!

8. The Sounds Of Blackness – Optimistic

An up-tempo RnB track with a message of never giving up!

7. Blackstreet – Joy

In my opinion, THE most beautiful song of all time. We played this for my sister at her funeral as they did for one of my friends when she passed away too. Watch the video, if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, nothing will!

6. Black Men United – You Will Know

The sound track for Jason’s Lyric with a great message to all men who get involved in violence!

5. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

Yes, of course it had to be in there! Still one of the best!

4. Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love

A very recent cover of Candi Stanton’s original but I like this one even more for some reason, one of the best covers of all time!

3. James Brown – I Feel Good

You know you’ve pretended to be JB when this one comes on! Go on, admit it!

2. Guru Josh – Infinity

I believe everyone has a secret love affair with the saxophone. In the case of this track, it has not only a killer beat, but the sax just totally blows it away!

1. The Jackson 5 – Can You Feel It

In my opinion the greatest uplifting track of all time and still my personal favourite!

Did I miss any? What would you have added to the list? You can also check out this playlist on youtube

103 Responses

  1. One Love by Bob Marley is a great track, my friend!
    .-= New at Jonathan Figaro’s blog ..You’ll Never Be Successful =-.

  2. Superstar says:

    there’s loads to add to the list! Black Eyed Peas – I’ve got a feeling’, Kool and the Gang – ‘Get down on it’, Grandmaster Flash – ‘White lines’, Jackson 5 – ‘Blame it on the boogie’, Earth, Wind and Fire – ‘September’, Jamiroquai – ‘Canned Heat’, Journey – ‘Don’t stop believing’, Bon Jovi – ‘It’s my life’…….I could go on and on!

  3. Superstar says:

    and Bob Marley – ‘Jammin’!

  4. Phil Bolton says:

    Amit – I was thinking this afternoon on my run about the power of music to inspire. These tracks can teach us more about life and how to live it – or simply bring some joy into our lives. Loving Chaka Demus and Plier and Bruce Hornby and the Range.

    My favourite inspiring tunes at the moment are Praise You by Fat Boy Slim and Change by Tracy Chapman.

    Keep up the great work

    .-= New at Phil Bolton’s blog ..Six steps to Stress-free Productivity =-.

  5. Hulbert says:

    Hi Amit, nice work on compiling these songs. Eye of the Tiger is very motivational, and personally I think it’s one of the best uplifting songs of all time. Thanks for sharing the music man!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Good choice Hulbert, it was tough choosing the top 5…the only reason it didn’t get higher up on my list was because one of my co-hosts used to play it every week so I got a bit sick of it. But when I’m out running and it comes on, on my ipod then it kicks me up a gear always!

  6. I can tell by the big number of songs you’re really into motivational music Amit. I’ll look into it. 😉 My playlist needs a refresh. I do have one very uplifting song in it now though: Duran Duran – Reach Up For The Sunrise.
    .-= New at Eduard @ Ideas With A Kick’s blog ..Facing your fears the right way =-.

  7. Kavita says:

    AWSUM SELECTION! tunnnneeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! x

  8. how to ollie says:

    Good post… I’m always on the lookout for good blogs.

  9. Michelle says:

    Hi Amit,

    Great list! Phil Collins and Tina Turner are definitely great!

    Of course, anything from the late 60s was great too. 🙂

    I happen to love “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison. I’m not sure I would call it “uplifting” but definitely “inspirational.”

    • Amit Sodha says:

      I’ll be sure to check that out Michelle, I’ve had some fantastic suggestions. My brother gave me a great one the other day, License to Kill, Gladys Knight and the Pips, one of the bond theme songs and a great track! 🙂

  10. Oh Amit, I feel like hosting my own Happy party right now…what an awesome list of songs….woohooo….
    I ma gonna show this to my hubby. Both of us a music junkies…;)
    You never know i might just have a private party with these tracks playing in the background.
    I love almost all of these songs…such classic uplifting numbers…
    YAY you!

  11. I love this uplifting awesome collection .Beautiful Beautiful ! One Love
    .-= New at Fatibony@Expressivewellness’s blog ..How Do We Find Meaning in Life ? =-.

  12. Zen Choices says:

    I love the idea behind this post and it’s inspired me to refine my list of favorite songs and videos that motivate me. Not too many of your favorites would be on my list (maybe Simply the Best), but that’s what made it fun to look at. Worth it just to check out that old Phil Collins tune.

  13. Sarju says:

    Good list !

  14. Zengirl says:


    Interesting list. There are a quite a few other songs that are uplifting or has upbeat music to make you dance and be happy during those moments. Music has that capability!
    .-= New at Zengirl’s blog ..You are richer than you think! =-.

  15. Aneta says:

    I have to say that your list is really inspiring 😉

    I’d like to share with you some of my beloved songs:
    Musiq Souldchild – Future, Michael Bolton – Go the distance; Des’ree – You gotta be; Dima Bilan – Believe; Hope you’ll like them, Amit 😉

    By the way, I recommend you India.Arie, her songs are simply beautiful 🙂

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Aneta!

      I love those, especially Musiq Soulchild and Des’ree! I love Inida Airee, and in particular, Wings of forgiveness and I am not my hair. Amazing songs! Thanks for the awesome suggestions! 🙂

  16. Mighty says:

    Rock and roll!!! m/ Music sometimes expresses more than just the lyrics! great selection! you must have spent some time compiling these!! you rock dude!
    .-= New at Mighty’s blog ..John Gokongwei Jr. Biography: Lessons in Entrepreneurship =-.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Mighty! Thanks for sharing and glad you appreciated! Yep it took me a while but it was certainly worth it! I could’ve added so many more so I’m going to do a follow up soon! 😉

  17. Johnny says:

    Thanks for a trip back to some of those forgotten songs. Nice reminder to put the ipod down and dust off those old cassettes and cds and give them a listen. That Top Gun soundtrack is killer!
    .-= New at Johnny’s blog ..Introducing A New Sort-Of Twitter (More Than 140 Characters Allowed!) =-.

  18. James Brown’s I Feel Good is a great pick me up. Listening to it in the morning is an awesome start to the day.

  19. Samuel says:

    Gotta have a montage… Montage!!! Oooo Rocky had a montage! Montage!!!

  20. Beautista says:

    Nuttin no go so is one of my favorite songs!!! I always get happy when i listen it!
    I do know what he is saying but the sound is really all that matters!!!!!! <3<3<3

  21. Saj says:

    ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers

  22. misterkisser says:

    “for the longest time” billy joel

  23. Rachel Gorniot says:

    I really hope you don’t mind, but I was having one of the worst days ever and I came across your list. After listening through a lot of the songs the difference to my mood was amazing.
    I’ve linked to it in this post
    but if you’d prefer I can remove it.
    anyway, just wanted to say thank you!

  24. Akash says:

    There’s Mumford and sons’ “Little Lion Man”.
    There’s also a new band, VS42, which came up with this awesome song called “One Step”. It’s nothing like the classics, of course, but since we’re looking at feel-good songs, it might as well be here, in the comments at least 😀

  25. Chase says:

    I think that your song selection is absolutely amazing. Especially I Feel Good, By: James Brown. He has such a good voice and it makes you want to laugh out loud. I just wanted to say thanks. (It’s amazing how one song can totally change your attitude.)

  26. barbara says:

    walking on sunshine always makes me feel like dancing

  27. Scott J says:

    If you like NickleBack – “If Today was you Last Day” is also a good one that gets me going. Always makes me think about what I should be doing at the moment.

    “You know it’s never too late to shot for the stars, regardless of who you are…..live each moment like your last….leave old bridges in the past. Don’t forget to call those friends you never see…..and forget your enemies. ”

    Thanks for the Share – you have me making a new playlist called – In Gear.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hi Scott, great choice and I love that song too. I love the title of your playlist, talk about outside the box.

      Thanks again for your comment, have an awesome sunday! 🙂

  28. jack says:

    Are you f*****g kidding me? this list is a joke. and CLEARLY biased towards black artists (I’m going to assume whoever done this list is black, they have to be, the racial bias here is ridiculous) and regardless of that this list looks like it was done by a child. Sam Sparro? Florence & The Machine? oh lol

    oh and twist & shout but not the beatles version? you’re a joke mate.

  29. Oh Jeeze! says:

    Hey man, just wanted to say,Nuttin Nuh Go So should not be on the list, it is a VERY rude song, yes it sounds nice, but dancehall artists tend to do this. If you hear the song named “Christmas by Jah Vinci”, you will see. Nuttin Nuh Guh So is a song that is complaining about all the things a girl could do wrong. “From ya never kiss her mouth after she done give you head, tell dem me say nuttin nah go so” means “you never kissed a girls mouth after she gave you a blowjob?” And nuttin nuh go so kind of means “i think you’re lying”.

  30. SCD says:

    Who made this list? A deaf person obviously. There is nothing uplifting about a lot of these songs.

  31. SCD says:

    Wow! Pretty funny but the list still sucks.

  32. skittles234 says:

    Funky list dude! Most of these songs are completely new to me but one of my absolute favourites is The Way I Are! I also love songs by Bobby Valentino, Nelly Furtado, other songs by Timbaland, MJ, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone and of course, a select few from Bollywood! All guaranteed to lift my spirits 🙂

    For those of you who think that this list is a load of bollocks:
    Well, the same can be said about yours. If you think I’m being judgmental, then take a look at what you’ve said on here. This is just a personal list of Amit’s favourite songs, you have no right to be so bitchy in your opinion about it.

  33. Ed McMann says:

    Just came across your list as I was looking for songs for my daughters wedding in a couple of weeks, and I think you did a great job with list (and links/videos).
    I came across a few that I’d never heard….So thank you for sharing.
    You have excellent taste.

    PS: Pay no mind to the people who feel the need to say negitive things. One day they will come around.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Ed,

      Thanks very much for the kind words and so glad you like the selection. Best of luck with your daughters wedding, let me know how it goes! 🙂


  34. elke hassell says:

    Man In The Mirror – Inspirational, One Love Bob Marley – Inspirational Just saying leaving out these major songs hmmmm

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Elke

      Thanks for your comments – I actually love that song and I also love the Earth Song aswell.

      I love listening to MJ and for me, when I need to knuckle down and get things done, nothing helps me concentrate better than some MJ. I usually start with ‘They Don’t Care about us’ followed by ‘Stranger in Moscow’.

      All the best,


  35. Langar says:

    You forgot two absolute masterpieces: “Wouldn’t it be good” and “The riddle”, by Nik Kershaw. One of the very best songs I’ve ever heard !!

  36. tharu says:

    wow :'( so sad

  37. Janet Miller says:

    Great songs! Love it

  38. Greg says:

    Dancing in the Moonlight – Toploader is deffo my number one
    Also Bring it all Back – S Club 7
    Keep on Moving – Five
    Put Your Records on – Corinne Bailey Rae
    Probably anything by Shania Twain
    She’s a Lady – Tom Jones
    Stand By Me – Ben E. King

  39. Learn More says:

    Great List! Thanks for putting the effort to pick the very best of them all. My vote for the most uplifting song goes to Eye of the Tiger! It’s an evergreen when it comes to motivation 🙂

  40. Mohul says:

    Any such list is complete without a Leonard Cohen song. You could add Sisters of Mercy, or Suzanne up there.

  41. Self Esteem says:

    Very useful and nice effort to search and listen one by one and. Thanks for sharing

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