A Top 50 List Of My Achievements

Here is a list of 50 things I’ve achieved, which writing in itself, is an achievement! (Which is why that is point 50 on my list!)

(Update 2021: This is one of my very old posts. For my latest work click the home button.)

I came up with the idea of writing this list not to satisfy my ego and show to people ‘oooh look what I’ve done’ but more as an exercise at looking at which areas in my life I have focussed and created a outcome as a result of dedicated and directed energy!

In addition to that as I perused my list afterwards I realised that each of those items within the list required some different skill or mindset.

What I encourage you to do is write a list of your own and once you completed your list I recommend that you look over it and extract the skills and mindset tools you used to achieve each one and then look at how you can take those tools and apply them in areas of your life where you feel you’re stagnating.

Go on, give it a go, and enjoy the results and let me know how you get on with your list…maybe even post it in the comments! 😉

Oh and lastly, I encourage you to find 50. I promise that if you dig deep you will easily reach the 50 mark even if in the beginning you struggle!

1. I got rated very highly for an art project at school which in turn led me to meet the prime minister
2. I performed in the ‘Noah’s Ark’ opera at school as one of the main characters
3. I performed in a play called ‘Pedro’s Revenge’ as the evil gangster called ‘Rocadura’
4. I’ve run the JPMorgan Chase race 3 times and completed it faster each time
5. I managed to lose lots of weight and keep my weight consistent over the past 3 years
6. I taught myself how to juggle and developed a fast way of teaching others
7. I learned magic and performed a magic act in front of over 500 people
8. I performed magic in front of a large family gathering, completely unprepared, for over 2 hours with only a deck of cards
9. I got an award for Indian dancing
10. I once went to Mt Snowdon and took a very difficult route and climbed it by myself
11. I’ve appeared on TV several times (always purely by accident)
12. To date I’ve written in the region of 360 blog posts…the equivalent to three books worth
13. I learned to meditate and was teaching others by the time I was 16
14. I’ve been awarded for my contribution and voluntary work
15. I have so far performed stand-up comedy three times and this Sunday will be my fourth
16. I completed my 100 days of wisdom project on this blog
17. I’ve had articles published
18. I’ve met great masters like Deepak Chopra, John DeMartini and Tony Robbins
19. I’ve read somewhere in the region of 100 books on personal development
20. I have my own radio show
21. I ran the bupa 10K race
22. I’ve run the half marathon (on the same day that I also performed stand-up comedy)
23. I been interviewed on Radio 5 about ‘The Secret’
24. I’ve now Life Coached several clients
25. I’ve done countless events at schools and worked with 100’s of children
26. I taught myself how to spin a basketball on my finger for over 2 minutes
27. I mastered the martial arts weapon Nun-Chukka (completely self taught)
28. I can do some seriously cool things with a deck of bicycle cards
29. I play badminton regularly and am now very good at it
30. I’ve played with the top badminton player in England
31. For the last year I’ve only used the stairs at work
32. I’ve sung in a choir
33. I’ve hosted the stage of a carnival
34. I got the top personality award at school
35. I got the best newcomer award at a job I had selling mobile phones
36. I’ve walked on fire…twice
37. I tried ‘fire-eating’
38. I’ve danced on stage in front of 12,000 people
39. I’ve managed to keep people off anti-depressants
40. I’ve tried various different vocations including musician management
41. I’ve raised loads of money for charity
42. I’ve jumped off a totem pole (luckily while harnessed) 😛
43. In the 10 years I’ve been driving I’ve driven the equivalent to 10 times around the world
44. I’ve DJ’d at a party
45. I’ve given talks
46. My shortest length of employment was 1.5 days (definitely quite an achievement…don’t ask!)
47. I can do about 250 kick-ups with a football
48. My tennis serve is 100MPH (had it measured) (and sometimes it even goes in! 😆 )
49. I can play table tennis with both hands (almost to an equal level)
50. I’ve written a list of 50 things I’ve achieved…in itself an achievement 😀

20 Responses

  1. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey Sandra!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comments! 🙂

  3. eric draven says:

    ” I’ve appeared on TV several times”?
    “To date I’ve written in the region of 360 blog posts…the equivalent to three books worth”?

    Do you think that writing on a blog (or even on 10.000 blogs per day) is the same than writing a book (obviously I don´t consider “twilight” and shit like that “books”)?
    my god………….you really need a new meaning for the word “achievement”

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hi Eric,

      “Do you think that writing on a blog (or even on 10.000 blogs per day) is the same than writing a book” – Actually, yes I do, the number is more like 600 hundred now too.

      Also, in addition to that, my new book, is almost finished, and will be by the end of August and it’s going to be published.

      So what would you consider achievements?

      • eric draven says:

        Achievements can be subjective but I am sure being on TV is not one of them so far….writing on blogs are not either, and of course can not be compared with writing a real book. Anyone can write on a blog (damn, I am doing it right now) but that doesn´t mean you have something to say or, more important, you know how to say it. I don´t want to be unpolite (if I am, I am sorry, it was not my intention) but saying bloggers are writers is the same as saying that making a graffiti is like painting “el guernica” by Picasso. And sorry but a graffiti is not the Guernica…
        Anyway, hope your book goes well, really.

        • Amit Sodha says:

          You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that they are ‘subjective’ and that is the whole point of this article.

          This article is not to say, that my achievements are great, but general standards, by only by my own. It’s about helping people, who may be lacking in confidence an self belief, to begin to shift their perspective, to look at the things that they have achieved, and recognise them.

          Sure I understand, I’m hardly a Hollywood actor, or a greatest blogger on the planet, but when I look at what I’ve accomplished, I feel proud of my achievements, in your eyes, they may be little, but in my eyes, I know I’ve done a great deal.

          I somehow don’t think we’re going to agree on this subject, so lets just agree to disagree.

  4. oliver says:

    hi amit,

    I really like your blog and this post in particular – you’ve definitely got the right spirit. the truely great set their own standards.


    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Oliver,

      I was just going through some things on my blog and noticed I never replied to you! – Shame on me!!

      Thanks so much for your kind words, I’m glad you can see what I was trying to do with this article. It wasn’t an attempt to blow my own trumpet so to speak, but just to show people when you really look, you can sometimes find a lot more than you realise.

      Anyway, sorry my reply is over a year late!

      All the best,


  5. Violet says:

    I am really inspired by this list and the positive vibes it creates. Created a list of achievements on my own. Instant confidence/self esteem boost! Thank you!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Violet,

      Aww it’s lovely to hear from you and thank you for your kind words, I’m so glad it’s been a boost for you! 🙂

      All the best,


  6. Sam Kesh says:

    Well, I agree with Eric Draven that achievements can be subjective; many of these achievements cannot be considered great everywhere. There are differences and levels in viewing or assessing an achievement which is mostly based on the strength in the content. For example, a three year old could take a pen and possibly write a full sentence on a sheet of paper but it wouldn’t be considered great if a four year old did the same. So these achievements, though very impressive in the eyes of some, are not so great and bright with many of those who have viewed possibly better stuff.

  7. rutika20 says:

    Hi Amit,

    So well written. You have inspired me. This blog helped me know my small little achievements. Thanks.

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