Creating Time

You’ve all heard the saying: “Time flies by when you’re having fun” which is very true. Our perception of time is altered dependent on our state of mind. However, have you also noticed that: “Time flies by when you’re in a hurry?” No? Probably not because I’ve just made it up but isn’t it so true that if you’re in a rush to get somewhere, the second hand on your analogue time piece just seems go a lot faster?! But what you don’t realise is, that your entire biology goes faster and you end up ageing faster than you realise because of the physical reaction to feeling rushed or stressed! (This is also the reason why people are feeling “old” at a much younger age and also end up getting to a point where they feel like their entire life has passed them by when they’ve reached 30.)

Next time you’re in an rush to get somewhere, slow down, take a few deep breaths, and think to yourself: “I have plenty of time to make my destination”

Have you also noticed that when you’re in a rush, everything seems to get in your way? Either someone will cut in front of you who is an incredibly slow driver, or, you’ll be at the supermarket and because you’re in a rush, you’ll choose the queue where the person in front of has either forgotten something or has about a thousand coupons that need to be redeemed? I know you’re all sitting there reading this and thinking: “yeah funnily enough that happened to me recently!” That’s because your perception of time creates your reality. If you believe you are lacking time, that will also be your experience.

In a situation, where you don’t have a lot of time, slow down and pretend you do, pretend that you have plenty of time and have a chill pill.

Have you also noticed that if you’re driving and you’re in a rush, sods law, the traffic lights will always be red? whereas if you’re driving as if you have plenty of time the lights will more often than not be green!?

In reality, there is not such thing as “creating time” but there is such a thing as “creating more time” by slowing down and thinking: “I have plenty of time.” This thought is only applicable to situations where you’re feel like you’re about to rush to get somewhere. (bad idea if you’re putting off task that needs your attention)

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