How To Overhaul Your Inner Conversation

Inner Conversation

There is nothing quite like, getting the right words or pep talk, by the right person, at the right time. It gives you everything you need to overhaul the inner conversation you have with yourself.

It can ultimately change the way you feel, how you view your situation, and give you the tools you need to effect change.

Of course, when I talk about inner conversation, I’m not just talking about the words, I’m talking about the entire package. That is, the words, the images, the sounds the smells and most importantly the meaning you attach to all that information, and how it then translates your meaning of the world to you and the actions you take.

The information inside and the way we code and translate it, ultimately leads to the quality of life we have. Using all the information to hand, we can then take that information and formulate our meaning and hence act accordingly. It’s also provides us with the framework with which we define our life experience.

Inner Conversation – It’s Not Fixed

Here’s the important part: How you’ve decoded all that information up until now, is not set in stone. It’s true that the older we get, the more fixed it can become, but it is definitely not the final blueprint.

Think about this for a moment; is your view of the world the same as it was 5, 10, even 20 years ago? Probably not. If you were to take one of your view points from 20 years ago and look at it now, you will in all probability have a different stance now. I remember when there was a time where I had a strong spiritual belief about something, that was around 20 years ago, and what I believe now, is probably a million miles away from that, but that stance also shaped my inner conversation.

So what has changed for me in that space of time? Well I’ve read more books, I’ve had the opportunity to explore other spiritual paths and different knowledge and I’ve been able to look at all that information from a different point of view.

What I’m getting to is that is the way we think and feel about something, can easily be changed.

You have the power within you to rewrite how you see and feel about the world. It doesn’t have to take reading a powerful book, or seeing a powerful image quote, or hearing a powerful talk, it can all begin now.

Inner Conversation – Beginning The Change

There are so many things that can trigger the overhaul on the outside, but you also have that power from within and it can begin with something really small.

Imagine you’re standing in a queue, and you get frustrated you find yourself becoming increasingly impatient and frustrated and it can wind up spoiling your whole day.

However, the next time you’re in a queue, you’ve made that choice to overhaul your inner dialogue and decide that being in that queue can mean something completely different for you. You use that moment and that time, to meditate. After all, you’re always telling yourself you don’t have the time to meditate, but you’ve decided you’ll use that time to focus on something better. You can focus on making that moment something special to you and you can make use that moment to have a completely different experience.

The genesis of that over needs to begin now. It needs to begin with a simple conscious thought and small transition, and that beginning can be your first huge step in overhaul your inner conversation.

Inner Conversation – The Starting Point

To begin with think about any situation in you life where you have a very specific dialogue with yourself consistently. Where you always repeat patterns of behaviour when it comes to things like not eating so healthy when you know you should be, allowing distractions to grab your attention when you know you have important work to do etc.

Take any part of your life where you would like to have a different result to what you’ve had so far and begin with a simple change of thought. You become the captain of the thoughts you would like to have and see if you can navigate yourself to a very different outcome then you would normally have.

Remember, start small, and when you start small you are then equipped to overhaul your inner conversation for the bigger aspects of your life.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Hey Amit!
    There are great insights. Thanks for sharing. Change is not always easy to achieve, but with the proper level of determination, anyone can change those habits that seem to be stuck for life.

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