Life, Poker, And All That Jazz…Part 2

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good your hand is, there will be times when there are others who will be dealt a better hand. Regardless of what hand you’ve been dealt, if you can come away from the table with your pockets empty and nothing but a smile on your face, you’ve truly learnt, understood and won the game.

There are some who win it all, go away with all the winnings, but it doesn’t necessarily make them happy. If it does, it doesn’t last for long. The best way to play your hand is with courage and understand that no matter the outcome of the hand you will keep smiling and know that you will still be able to play another day.

It can be heartbreaking at times. Sometimes it just may seem like that no matter how good your hand, you still get beaten! (Trust me, I’ve been there!)

Learn to judge when it’s a good time to fold and when it’s a good time to take that chance and let the cards reveal themselves. It’s not about the poker face, if you try and outsmart your opponents, you will be outsmarted. If you bluff, prepare to have your bluff called. Get to know the game well and know when to bluff and when to use your poker face.

Overall, make sure you enjoy the game, after all, it is a game, and in this great game that we call life, you can learn a lot about how to live, through playing poker, and playing the hand you’ve been dealt, well.

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  1. How true it is that how you play the game makes all the difference. I love to play golf but am constantly taught lessons in letting go and non attachment to results. After watchin the Masters today I was reminded about how important it was to enjoy what you are doing. Winning will put a smile on your face but so will playing the best you can even in very difficult situations. That is also very true in life. I find real happiness from doing what I do with a relaxed intensity and a willingness to laugh and have fun.

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  2. Amit says:

    Hi Joseph, it’s extremely true what you said that playing the best you can will also put a smile on your face. If anything, that smile also lasts longer, and losing always gives me something to strive for next time.

    I’ve linked back to your blog. All the best.

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