Life, Poker, And All That Jazz…Part 3

No one can convince me otherwise that my mindset affects my vibration which in turn affects the hand I get dealt.

The lads and I have been playing poker for quite some time and I can tell you categorically that the way I’m feeling about the game will directly affect the cards I get dealt.

It has got everything to do with emotional control and yes I do believe whole heartedly that it will affect matter, and ultimately, the outcome!

When we play we only play for a very small amount of money. You would think that with such a small amount that it wouldn’t really matter. Uh uh!! Trust me when I say when we play our friendship tends to go out of the window and we all play to win! 😆

Feeling Low And Desperate

Most people would perceive and classify these and negative energies. When in this frame of mind I find I’m often dealt poor cards and even when I get dealt a good hand I often get beaten by a better hand. Even worse than that is when I get dealt an amazing hand and everyone folds after the first flop! That happens a lot when I’m desperate to win! 😆

It’s the feeling of not wanting to lose money; being desperate to win; not enjoying the game as things aren’t going my way. etc. Any of these kinds of feelings will invariably lead me to losing most of my money or what me and the guys term as “RINSED!” You’ll also recognise that feeling of desperation as you’ll be relying on the final card of the river to complete your hand.

Playing For Fun

Having fun is great and I find that if I’m having enjoying the game I’ll tend to do much better. When I’m relaxed I’ll get dealt better cards, I’ll win more hands and win more money overall. The games will be better and more money usually ends up on the table. I don’t feel the need to win.

I’m not expecting to win with the hand I have. I keep hold of the thought that even though my cards are good my opponent may have better! I don’t worry about the outcome of the round. Instead I think to myself “whatever happens, I’ll just enjoy the ride!”

Playing To Win

The nights where I am victorious overall there is something very specific I have to do in addition to the above. It’s a very clear desire to win. Not the desperation kind of feeling but the determination kind of feeling. That, coupled with the emotions of fun and enjoyment, make up the perfect ingredients to be a great poker player.

A relaxed and determined attitude to the game, whilst enjoying the night, make up what I believe to be the right vibration to affect matter and swing the game in my favour. I like to call it honest cheating! 😛 I can’t always get to that frame of mine but I know for a fact that when I do I will always be victorious on the night! If find when I feel this way I almost don’t even need a game strategy! Things will just go my way!


I’ve seen it swing very easily too! I’ve been up on the night and suddenly I start to think “oh I’ve won this much and now I don’t want to lose it” and It’s like hitting a switch that’s put me back in the desperation mode and I’ll start losing again. You have to be able to control your emotions consistently to get the consistent results.

How To Win

These rules don’t just apply to poker. I can put exactly the same rules in place for when I play badminton and I’ll get exactly the same results. When I’m playing people of an equal standard or even slightly better than myself and I keep the right mindset, the right vibration, I will more than likely win. Even if I don’t win I will in all cases play a much better game!

1. Don’t get desperate to win! That will throw you completely off track! Be determined, but not desperate! Understand the difference between the two.

2. Enjoy it! You’re there for pleasure right so why rush it? Find a way to relax your mind and take your mind away from a single winning outcome. Know that it could go either way and that whichever way it goes you’ll enjoy the ride!

3. If you want to be victorious more often then learn to control your emotions. Find a way of staying relaxed. A thought that always works well for me is: “No matter the outcome, I will remain happy!” Develop your own ways of keeping your emotions in check.

4. Remember; even if you do everything right sometimes you will lose. That’s life! It’s when you don’t let it get to you that the number of wins will out number the losses.

To all my poker buddies, now that you know my secret, our games could get very interesting.

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