Necessity And Obligation

Necessity and Obligation are powerful motivators. But ask yourself this: Are they the best motivators? Do they serve your purpose? Do they bring you joy in the day to day activities that you do?

Do you find yourself often acting out of necessity and obligation? Take your job as an example. Are you there out of necessity or because you choose to be? When was the last time you did something out of sheer enjoyment as opposed to acting out of obligation or necessity?

Right now you’re sitting here reading this blog post, did you choose to come and read it? Did you stumble upon it? Why are you continuing to read it? Are you staying because you choose to or because you feel obliged in some way to read to the end? I’m going to tell you now, if you’re here out of obligation then I release you of it and offer you the choice to leave. Anyone who comes here, I want them to be here out of choice and because they enjoy and love what they see!

I used to be a “compulsive necessitive obligatory”. I used to go to work because I had to earn money. I used to eat because I had to. exercise only when I was told to, get out of bed at the last possible second and only because I had to!

Living this way is not living at all, it’s walking down an escalator that’s going up. It totally defeats the purpose of life! We have a glorious opportunity to do something with this life we’ve chosen.

About six years ago I nearly committed suicide. I was told that the world was going to end, something which I couldn’t wait for! Because this world was going to end I thought to myself ‘why bother with anything?’ I lived my life believing that everything was pre-destined anyway, so there was no point in me trying to make something of my life, because whatever was set in the stars would happen anyway! What an awful thing for a 16 year old to be told: “The world is going to end and everything is pre-destined” I’m not saying that everything isn’t pre-destined but to live a life believing that is totally fruitless!

Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, ask yourself, what is my purpose for getting out of bed? I am getting up out of necessity and obligation? Listen carefully to your feelings. If it is N+O then the next morning, wake up with the thought: I choose to get up and create a beautiful day. Write that down in big bold letters and stick it somewhere near your bed and see what difference it makes to your entire day.

“I choose to get up and create a beautiful day”

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  1. Kavita says:

    Its like your reading my mind Dude!!!!
    Im sitting at my desk doing some seriously boring tasks, hence i chose to check out the blog site because i was bored, and i leave the site with a gem of inspiration – not bad for 10 minutes of reading!

  2. Topi says:

    I choose to read your blog because I enjoy and love what I see! This is a fabulous post, honest, heartfelt, and spot on the money. Well done. That’s why I keep coming back for more!

  3. When you said “it’s walking down an escalator that’s going up”, I GOT it. That’s exactly how my life has been going. So, I am taking your advice.
    I’m posting your message (MY message now!) on every wall of my bedroom and on the ceiling above my bed . . . “I choose to get up and create a beautiful day!”

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