No Negativity Allowed – Clear The Mental Clutter.

No Negativity Allowed

About a year ago I became the unwitting participant in my own little experiment. It led me to establish that in my life there would be no negativity allowed!

I actually had no idea it was happening at the time but it led me to come to a huge realisation.

It happened when I had a long drive commute across London nearly everyday. I was getting a little bit bored of listening to music every day.

Instead, I decided to listen to talk radio and my rationale was that it would be a good way expand my mind, educate myself and also keep up with current affairs.

The Downturn

After around a month of doing this – I started to feel different. Less Happy. I wasn’t feeling my normal self. At this point I had no idea what the cause was.

As time went by I seemed to be getting worse, to the point where I would say I was feeling ‘depressed’. I still didn’t know what was causing the change in my mental well-being.

At that point I was getting irritated with listening to talk radio as it was filled with so much negativity and at times I just felt like screaming at the radio. Then it hit me – what if listening to the radio was contributing to the way I was feeling?

I couldn’t be sure but I decided maybe it was time to switch off talk radio. So I did just that and went back to listening to nice uplifting music.

Within a month, I was back to feeling back to my normal self again. I felt happy, I felt able to function again mentally where previously I was feeling trapped and stifled.

It was after that I realised just how much of an impact what we allow into our consciousness can have on us. I knew this intellectually but I didn’t realise that something as simple as talk radio would cause such a huge noticeable shift.

Don’t get me wrong, we are polar beings that require both sides. We need both our negative and bad side as much as our positive, because relativity is what defines us. However, we can choose what, and how much additional we allow into our lives.

No Negativity Allowed

Instead, I’ve taken the opposite route now. I only allow those things that enhance my well being. When at the gym I listen to motivational videos, when I meditate I listen to uplifting music. I rarely watch or listen to the news (although I’m fully aware of what’s going on.) and I definitely don’t listen to talk radio any more!

We have so many of our own demons to fight, why on earth would I take on board the negativity of so many other people? It’s like trying to put out a fire and instead of using water, it’s like dousing it in petrol.

Remain mindful of what you allow into your life. Don’t watch too much news or read the papers which are all about negativity and startling headlines.

Watch uplifting or fun T.V. and movies,  listen to Ted talks, watch motivational videos. Go on a discovery of just how much incredible content there is out there that will enhance your well-being and not hinder it.

So, from now, make the declaration that there is no negativity allowed in your life.

You choose what you allow into your mind, so take control of it. You will thank yourself for doing that!


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