Our Mini Universes

When I walk around, on a day to day basis, I always observe people. If I go sit in a cafe, I just watch people carry on with their day to day agenda’s. I find this process of observing gives me inspiration for my book. One thing I’ve noticed though is that the size of the Universe varies from person to person.

Okay, I hear you ask: “What the hell is this dude talking about?” Well it’s quite simple, we all sometimes forget that we are only bacteria on the body of God. (Remember bacteria aren’t always bad, there are some good bacteria in the body too!) But there are some who consider themselves to be at the centre of the Universe. They get incredibly irritated when things don’t go their way. They feel like the Universe was created to serve their every need and when it doesn’t they use it as an excuse to get angry at everyone and everything around them. When something goes wrong they think that God/the Universe/Fate etc is out to get them! It was intentionally done to them!

This bubble becomes like an impenetrable fortress that they feel comforted by, no one can get in unless they want to allow them in!

Once in a while, try and step outside of your mini Universe, image what it would be like to be the eyes of someone else looking upon you. In those new eyes…how does it feel to be treated by you that way? Truly go into the depths of a third person and think about how this third person would feel about being treated like a bit of machinery. Expand your mind and now encompass the visions of a whole room full of people looking at you. Now try and treat these people like machinery! What reaction do you get? What reaction would you get if you treated these people like human beings and showed some compassion and love towards them?

Ask yourself; how big is my universe?

Remember that the Universe is huge, probably filled with billions of undiscovered species and despite what the media shows us, they may actually even be friendly and not just want to experiment on us! 😀

Look at everything around you, expand your consciousness to take in everything that goes on, look at the clouds, think about the billions of people that will never meet, can you touch their lives in some way? Think about your purpose here, why are you here? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life for me? Was there some greater purpose in this amazing creation of the universe? Are we just an accident or was their intention in us being here? Do we exist or are we just a figment of someone’s imagination?

Once you start thinking about the grander picture, go even beyond the Universe, Who is God, Did God create me? Do I have to obey Gods rules or was I given free will for a reason? How many other Universes are there? Is this universe just an atom of a greater Super Cosmos?

Remember that there is so much more than then the mini Universes that we have created for ourselves, as important as it is to earn a living, know that your purpose can be as grand as you desire it to be. Don’t stress if your paper doesn’t arrive on time or they don’t have the coffee you want at your local Starbucks! Truly, how important is that in the grand scheme of things?

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  1. Lyman says:

    Once again, an excellent article, Amit! I try to remember this kind of stuff when those minor irritants, like the ones you mention at the end of the article, pop up, and it really does work!

    Although I prefer to think of myself as a cell, rather than a bacterium. But that’s just my ego talking! 🙂

  2. Amit says:

    Thanks lyman! The bacteria thing was spur of the moment, it just popped into my head so I thought I’d just use it! 😉

    Hope you are keeping well!


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