The Fear Of Positivity

One thing I’ve noticed in my conversations with many people recently is they are afraid to be positive, to make a powerful statement about themselves or their dreams because they’re afraid to jinx it and that feeling of ‘just in case’!

What damages that positive thought or intention is expectation. When you expect results you start to focus on the results rather than the choice or intention. The outcome is irrelevant in the now. What is important is the process and the focus on working towards that outcome.

I remember being in that same boat many years ago but then I also had a little tiny high pitched voice in the back of my mind telling me no, you are special and you are going to do great things. I dared to believe in that voice and now that voice is loud deep powerful dulcet tone saying, you’re not just going to do great things, you’re going to do amazing and magical things.

I think that deep down inside, everyone has that tiny voice trying to grab some attention and saying something along the lines of what it told me. But sometimes we try and pass it of with thoughts like “don’t be silly” and “what makes me so special, there are hundreds of people out there better than me”

Listen to that voice deep inside! Give it a chance to speak! We all have something unique to offer this world and that voice is the one telling you that you can do it. It’s almost become a habit of putting that voice aside and telling it to shut up but stop that as of this moment. It’s time to let that voice speak and repeat what it says. Give it chance to show you what you are capable of doing and let that voice become louder and more prominent within your conscious mind. Dare to believe in it, dare to believe in yourself.

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