The Head Honcho, The Dude Upstairs, The Big Tamali!

I have to admit I’m not even sure what a Tamale is but I once heard it used in a movie and it sounded cool! So who is this character we refer to as God, Ram, Allah, Universe, Supreme, Shiva, Alpha/Omega?

Who is this being that many believe created us and then blame when things go wrong? Did A conscious, sentient being create the universe, that is, bring it into existence and if so for what purpose? Or are we here by accident? All familiar questions and I’m sure you’ve all asked a few of these in your time.

We will never know for sure but I personally believe that the Supreme force in the Universe is a conscious being living in an unconscious way. I believe that we are all a part of that being. Every Molecule throughout the Universe is interconnected in something I call a UWW (Universal Wide Web).

I believe that Ultimately the Universe is constructed of a material energy called the body of the Supreme. We are all interconnected in this. Separation doesn’t exist. Absolute interconnection does. It is a connection of choice, beauty and cooperation.

This Universe is part of something much greater. What those parts are I do not know but I feel like the whole is the supreme being and I am a major part of that as are we all.

We all have a chosen roles to play. There was a point where you were asked, what would you like to do? And at that moment we all made a conscious choice about what we would like to do while we spend time on a different plain of existence.

What is God to you? Who is God to you? What is your relationship with the Supreme? If religions that believe in one God the which one is right to you, if at all?

I personally don’t believe that a being that decided to create such a beautiful thing decided that the very beings it created for the sole purpose of worshipping him/her/it! What would be the point? Why would the Supreme need to be worshipped?

I believe that we are all a part of the supreme existence and we chose exactly what it was that we wanted to experience while here in the realm of physical existence. In my opinion, no religion or doctrine has power or authority to say who or what God is or how I choose to have my relationship with the supreme.

Who is the Supreme to you?

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  1. Robert Waelder says:

    In my belief, God is the omniscient spirit that resides within every person, animal, rock, and molecule. I am Him, you are Him, the computer I type on is Him. We all share the same SELF in a glorious and grand cosmic dance. I do not believe that there are any parts to the whole, that I am in any way separate from it, but rather that our point of view creates the illusion of separation. I’m just God’s awareness swimming around in the cosmic soup.

  2. Kavita says:

    Sorry to lower the tone! Tamali> you heard it in Independence Day. The dude that plays data in star trek says it before he shows the peeps the aliens….he he!

  3. seawave says:

    As for me, I’m not entirely sure the definition will ever be something I can concretely identify and put into exact words. As long as I am alive I will be seeking these answers, reformulating my faith, my belief, my vision.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that we are unified in our spirit, in our humanity, in our experience. In this commonality, it is our choice to live in love and unification and acceptance or our choice to live in bitterness, separateness, and fear. Choosing to live in love and unity strengthens us, and along with hope, is the driving force behind the truth that all things are possible.

  4. Amit says:

    Robert, “I’m just God’s awareness swimming around in the cosmic soup.” I couldn’t agree more, beautifully said!

    Kavi, I remembered that too, but…what is a tamali??? :S :p

    Seawave, What you said in your first paragrah, I do agree with you and in addition to that I believe that the answer is so simple that at this current moment human beings are not abole to grasp the simplicity while occupying a physical body, only during the liberation of death will we, in an instant, know that simplicity.

  5. Robert Waelder says:

    Are we talking about… Hot Tamales?

  6. Amit says:

    😀 Cheers for the link Robert, yep that’s what I meant, I think. Hmmmm they look lovely, I’m gonna have to now find a restaurant in london that serves them!

    Totally off topic but the history of the Tamale is fascinating too!

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