The Meaning Of Self Leadership

I mentioned a few days ago that a strong theme this year for me will be ‘Self Leadership’. I had some messages from people telling me that they loved the idea of having the theme for the year and in particular the Self Leadership theme. I had other messages from people who wanted a bit more of an explanation as to what Self Leadership means.

Self Management

I always say to people that whether you’re, running you’re own business, or working for an employer, it’s largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. The two important things to remember are: a) Whether self employed or otherwise you work for your clients. b) Ultimately what you put in you will get out. If you shine and really take care of your clients everything you’re doing will be in your favour.

In the game of life you employ yourself and whatever effort you make you will be the one to reap the rewards. You will meet some amazing people along the way they might not be the ones elevate you to your potential. Only you can do that by exploring the deep abyss of potentiality that is you!

Understanding Challenges

I love it when something or someone challenges me. OK that’s a tiny bit of a lie! 😆 I don’t necessarily see it like that and appreciate it at the time. But somewhere along the line I always do get to a point where I reflect and see it from an empowered perspective.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. The trick is to acknowledge when your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. Find out where you can apply your strengths to your weaker facets. Where you have weaknesses, look honestly at your life, and see if it’s something that’s holding you back. If it is something which is holding you back from living the kind of existence that you dream about then you’ve found a good place to start making adjustments!

I was faced with an extreme challenge very recently. A kind of challenge that I prefer would never happen to me again. Alas, I know that it’s a futile attitude and the great thing is I feel better prepared for it, if it occurs again, in the future. I was especially down about it last night but then suddenly an insight came to me. I was only focussed on the problem and then suddenly, almost as if it were out of my control, my attention shifted to what I was ultimately getting out of this experience. I was faced with the beautiful taste of what my life is going to be like as a result of this challenge. Challenges are precious gifts through which we learn an grow! Always remember that!

Inner Power

When was the last time you let your will be very easily overpowered by someone asking you something very simple? Let me give you an example. Someone you’ve only just met recently asks you if you’ve heard of a particular song or artist or something. You say you’re not sure so they tell you some of the lyrics or hum the tune. You have no clue who it is but you pretend that you do know the music because you don’t want to feel stupid or left out! You agreed because you want to confirm and feel a part of something.

That’s easily done and I’m sure we’ve all done it. How about in the future not being afraid to be honest and showing that you don’t know everything as we, quite simply, can’t! There’s too much out there! Be honest but also be open. Don’t be afraid to be wrong or not be in the know.

Learning Confidence

I do believe that confidence is a learned skill. Some people master it at an early age and others don’t quite grasp it. Don’t worry if you’re not confident yet. You can easily learn it and be confident and anything you choose! Are you shy strangers? It doesn’t matter as all you’ve got to do is practise the art of communication. It’s easy and anyone can do it! I’m sure you not shy around people you know! So all you got to do is get to learn how to get to know people quickly. Once you know them the shyness evaporates.

You can also start by doing some very simple things. If you greet people with a very low timid tone of voice, change it! Tomorrow, the first person you see, greet them with a gigantic smile and with a very confident powerful tone say good morning! Practise it a few times and what how quickly your old habits become extinct!

Self Leadership is all about realising where your weaknesses are, just because you’ve decided, you’re going to not let them be the bane of your life any more! If you’re a guy who wants to be better with women you’ll learn how to do it and take some risks! If you want to be a better DJ you’ll study the best, learn from then and then develop your own unique style so that you stand out from the rest. It’s about you being a woman and deciding you won’t settle for lower pay then men and finding a way of making the change. You decide you want to run your own business and so create a company that rakes in millions!

I’m always looking to improve my writing. I can choose to model myself on the best writers out there and/or I can try and find my own very unique style. I can even do a combination of both and keep trying a variety of writing styles, titles, marketing strategies I find the method for me that works that I can replicate!

Self Leadership is owning yourself. Not letting yourself be owned by the what goes on outside of you but the combination of desires and decisions from within.

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