The True Value Of Time

If you were to ever listen to a Tony Robbins or a Deepak Chopra tape or CD regarding to time, you will hear them say things like time is emotion or time is a perceptual construct of the mind. I’ve been told some weird and wacky stories about time to corroborate those theories and I even have a few of my own to tell. The more and more I think about time, the more I realise that I have total and absolute control over my experience of it.

My bizarre paradoxical thought with regards to time is this, the more I realise I have time, the less I want it! I’ve realised that sometimes in order to appreciate things, sometimes you have to tell yourself there is a scarcity! How often do you appreciate the things you have in abundance? How often do you appreciate the things that are scarce? When this thought first occurred to me I had trouble accepting it. But I realised that appreciating while there is abundance is actually a greater challenge than appreciating while there is scarcity. Doing so will ensure that you never lack and through it you will attract more and more.

For me, time is an exception though. I’m a firm believer in reincarnation but I try and forget the fact that I will reincarnate after I die. The reason I do is because I try and convince myself that this is my one and only chance to make my mark in this world! THIS is my one shot to have an impact in the greatest possible way I can imagine! There may be an abundance of time for all of us but what greatness comes from thinking that you always get a second chance or third chance? What if I were to think: “I only get one shot and one shot only!” The pressure is immense but I’ve always done well under pressure so why not make it into and effective strategy to get the best from myself? Thinking about my future lives almost makes me want to procrastinate this life away with thoughts like: “I can always do it later!”

The sad thing is many people go beyond their prime years before they have this kind of realisation. Some people manage to regain their youth and turn their lives into something amazing but many die with regrets and much pain in their hearts!

I have no idea if I will die tomorrow or live to be 100! So based on this thought, not in a depressing way, but in an inspired way: “How can I make my mark today?” If I only have a very short time to achieve something then let me begin today! Let me make the time, this moment, right now! Let me be daring and take a few chances here and there to truly change the lives of many for the better! You can make this attitude habitual as doing so will give you energy even when you thought you’d used it all up! It will be the prime driving force for your day to day actions and will carry you through when the waves are rocking your boat in all directions!

There is a disclaimer though! This isn’t an excuse to go and abuse your body with drugs and alcohol just because of the scarcity of time! No, no! You can live life to the full without any of those things! In fact, abusing your body with drugs or junk will make your last moments and memories hellish! Have you not heard the stories of those who have only a short time to live and yet the somehow find the strength to go and do amazing things? I choose to be in that category of person!

No matter what your experience of time may be, find some way of appreciating the here and the now and you will find that your quality of life enhanced exponentially. Live as if this was your only life and live it as if it is short!

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  1. Kavikim says:

    TOTALLY understanding this! Thank you for expressing this in such an easy to digest way! Truly amazing.
    Life is a gift that shouldn’t be wasted in any way, therefore we need to learn to ‘expereince’ what we want from it. Therefore live in each moment 100% of the time! If your not living each moment with 100% committment, then why bother! xxxx mwahzzz! thanks amit!

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