WFP1 – Weekly Focus Point 1

Here is the first of my new series giving you something to focus on each week for your own personal development. This is truly a powerful technique and tool for you to maximise your potential at anything you do. Just to give you an example of how powerful this can be. If I ever experience a lack of ideas for this blog then this is what I do and the ideas then just stream into mind more than I can even remember afterwards. And you can do it for anything. If you want to be a better driver, card player, surfer, games player, whatever this is something for you but it is also a way of recharging your batteries so to speak if you’re ever feeling low or lethargic.

This process is called being centred or present and there are a few ways you can reach this point. Any time your thoughts drift to either the future or past your emotions will be quite intense. Depending on what you’re thinking about you could experience extreme stress, anxiety, excitement but you will know it because the emotion will almost be livid in a way.

The purest emotion I’ve ever experienced or felt is when I’m totally centred on focussed on now or the present moment. Call it a form of meditation or just concentration on the now or whatever you wish but you will feel a very pure and natural sensation. Here’s an experiment you can try while doing anything you want; I was doing it yesterday while driving but I you can do it during anything at all, while at work, listening to a piece of music, playing a sport or whatever you choose.

Bring your attention to the present moment. If you find your thoughts drifting to the furture or the past just gradually bring them back to the now. Find peace in what it is that you are doing now. Look for the beauty in the present moment and suddenly you will find that all your desires will fall away. Contentment seems like a word that doesn’t do it justice but it’s the closest word I can find. Another word that just came to me is you will feel harmony.

There is nothing which is not spiritual but this process awakens that experience. Be here, be now. Suddenly the most mundane task can take on a feeling of being pure and spiritual. Just be focussed on now. Your mind will drift and it’s okay if that happens, just bring it back to the now and again turn your focus to where you are and what you’re doing now. This mindful-nowness will almost make time stand still in this beautiful experience of this present moment.

Try it for yourself and I promise that once you do you will want to experience it again and again. When you learn to do it while doing action then you will be better at whatever it is that you do. Let me know how you get on and practise this for a week. There is nothing else you need to try or learn but just learn and practise this for one week.

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  1. katya says:

    trust people read this and try it out, for their own sake.

  2. My definition of meditation is being in the moment and the true Yogi is always present in the present moment. And should it be that difficult for the rest of us? Try doing something when your thoughts are in the past or in the future. For doing anything well we have to be present in the present moment like a Yogi.

  3. Amit Sodha says:

    That’s an interesting point and I agree with you Kanan but it’s like anything else in life and even in the case of the yogi, did it not take him/her years to achieve mastery? If I wanted to be a race car driver, I cannot expect to be a master at it after just one or two attempts. It takes patience and practise and the results are amazing. Once you realise the power of now there is no other way you want to be. Practise being mindful of now is my message.

  4. Thanks for your commment on my comment, Amit! I can’t agree with you more. Practice does make perfect, but only the right practice, and with the right frame of mind.

  5. Vish says:

    Timely 🙂

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