First Give-Away Business Idea – The Best Darn Veggie Burger In The World

As I promised two weeks ago, I wanted to use this blog to dish out some of my business Ideas. I have too many ideas, more than I can personally handle, and so my goal is for someone, to take away these ideas and make something of them. Obviously, I hold no obligation to you, if the idea comes to fruition, to give me anything, but any contributions voluntarily thrown my way will be greatfully received! 😆

As you probably guessed from the title, I’m a vegetarian. Over time, being a vegetarian, you can get a little fed up with the lack of options there are available to vegetarians when eating out. Especially recently, I’ve noticed this more as I’ve decided to try and eliminate dairy from my diet. Just last night I gave in and decided to have a cheese pizza!! 😳

So this is my idea:

I think it’s high time someone created a pure vegetarian restaurant that offers varieties of VEGGIE BURGERS. You go to a Mcdonalds, they used to have two and now they only have one! (Not that I go there often or eat their food often) One type of veggie burger when there are about 15 different types of meat burgers you can get….pfffft! Someone please tell me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know a single vegetarian restaurant within the U.K. that combines: Healthy Eating + Vegetarian/Vegan + Variety!! If someone reading this, if you have the resources, please please open up a vegetarian restaurant that has not only a variety of veggie burgers and other dishes, but also focuses on health! Most people are vegetarian because they understand the health benefits of being a vegetarian and yet very few places promote the two things together. I know it’s a huge challenge catering just for vegetarians but I know of one vegetarian restaurant near me, in Harrow, called: Veggie Inn. They do superb food and not to mention the owners are lovely people. Whenever I go in there, they are always busy and the dishes the serve are soooooo tasty! (when you go, I highly recommend the Veggie Duck as a starter!) There is a place in Wembley called: Wembley Diner. I went in there recently and saw that they did a Vegetarian Kebab. I tried it, it was a mix of gently grilled veggies, salad and humous! It was the best veggie dish I’ve had in ages! It was simple, free from dairy and had very little oil!

So there we have it! A vision for someone to create, not only the best, most delicious, healthy Veggie Burgers in the world! Also a veggie restaurant that has variety, including dairy free alternatives and focuses on the health aspect as much as taste and variety!

Vegetarians are people too you know! 😛

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  2. December 29, 2011

    Superb read….: First Give-Away Business Idea – The Best Darn Veggie Burger In The World #inspiring

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