Fourth give-away business idea – ‘Average-Mo’s’

This idea just came to me today out of the blue. There I was sitting at my desk at work when I got a Facebook message about applying to become a model. Now I may not have a six pack or a square jaw, but I do have a 36 pack and a chin that resembles a jello mould! 😆 However, I do believe that I am a good looking and an attractive guy.

Because of the media portrayal of size-zero models, there’s been a surge, of woman of all shapes and sizes, now joining up the new agencies that have been formed to help women get into modelling. Personally, I haven’t seen many, if any at all, that give men of all types of physique the opportunity to also do some modelling.

So then it occurred to me to set up an agency for gents of all shapes, sizes and looks so that they can model a whole range of items. I have no idea if this model would work or not and there would need to be a way to create a demand by running some sort of media campaign. Once the demand has been created it would be the agencies job to provide the supply.

There we have it – A simple idea for any budding entrepreneurs out there looking to break into the business world. Alan Sugar eat your heart out! 😆

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    Superb Read: Fourth give-away business idea – 'Average-Mo's' #inspiration

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    Superb Read: Fourth give-away business idea – 'Average-Mo's' #inspiration

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    Superb read….: Fourth give-away business idea – 'Average-Mo's' #inspiring

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