8 Habits That Will Make You (Almost) Superhuman

8 Superhuman Habits that make make you Superhuman

Do you want to be more superhuman? Would you like that feeling of invincibility whereby you could accomplish anything? Do you know someone who is like that and look upon them with envy?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, then there are 8 very simple habits you can start that will change the way you physically feel so that you have more energy and can spend more time doing the things you love to do.

These things are so simple and be added into your day with absolutely no cost to you. All you need to do is make a choice to do them and find the will to follow them through. When you do, you’ll begin to feel more superhuman.

1. Intermittent Fasting

I’ve started fasting again and this time I’m finding it much easier to stick to the process. I basically employ the very simple 5:2 and/or 16/8 process of intermittent fasting. It’s something I’ve talked about extensively in the past and the diet has hugely popular. The difference for me, between fasting and any other kind of diet, is that this is not a fad. It’s something you can choose to do for life. It’s sustainable for life and will have a long lasting and powerful effect on you.

The Outcome: Research has shown that fasting has a number of benefits, including cell repair (autophagy) and improved brain function. You will be much more healthy and you will will massively improve your hormone function, metabolic health and manage your weight far better.

2. Chewing Properly

This is a new habit for me and I’m only just starting to see the visible benefits. It’s something I will discuss in more detail in the future but for now I’ll leave you with what I know so far. In the fast paced culture of this day and age, we’ve forgotten to do something very simple, we’ve forgotten to chew our food properly and to savour it. As a result we’ve developed all sorts of digestive difficulties and other physical conditions as a result. Chew your food thoroughly, until it is liquid mulch, and only then swallow. Eat the food consciously.

The Outcome: By chewing food properly you will lessen the burden on your digestive system and therefore you will function better. You will feel more energy because your intestines are no longer laboured and you will also see many of the softer symptoms of IBS disappear.

3. Walking

Anything above walking is a bonus but the reality is, if we as humans walked plenty, we would eliminate so many of the basic diseases that plague us. The daily recommended amount is 10,000 steps but I say it should be closer to 15,000. If you could do that daily by not taking the car, getting off the bus a few stops early or just pacing whilst doing every day tasks like speaking on the phone. It would be all the exercise you ever need to stay healthy and ward off basic physical problems.

The Outcome: Your fitness will skyrocket just from the walking. You will lose weight, burn off fat, and your legs and back will become much stronger. Even if you just did this 5/7 days a week, it would make an enormous difference.

4. Meditation

This one is a no brainer. You apparently use 100% of your brain according to the latest research by scientists. But according to my research you probably only use 1% of your power to choose and consciously create. You can easily do this by using the wonderful power of meditation. If you think you don’t know how to meditate, you would be wrong. Something as simple as day dreaming is form of meditation. The idea with meditation though is to learn to become the managing director of your mind. The purpose of meditation is to reconnect to your greatness and unleash it all into the world in all it’s glory.

The Outcome: Through meditation you will find clarity and power and the will to follow through on your decisions and ideas. Meditation will grant you the power of being centered so that you can then feel connected to the yin and yang of the universe and realise that both are essential to your success.

5. Quality Sleep

Nothing will happen unless you have the energy and drive to make it happen. If you are feeling tired the likelihood is that you may not be getting enough quality sleep. What I mean by quality is have a deep relaxing sleep. So many people suffer from this in the 21st century as we are constantly wired. One way to help with this is have the practise of waking up naturally. Now, I understand it may not always be practical because of your hours of work etc. If that is the case then simply do it once a week. Just once a week, sleep until you wake up completely naturally. Turn off all phones and anything else that can wake you. Then allow yourself the pleasure of being asleep until you naturally decide it’s time to wake up.

The Outcome: Doing this just once a week you will feel so much more energised. You will feel so refreshed and it will then give you a new spark of energy that will enable you complete all those projects that have been pending over so long.

6. Creating

Your creative juices need to flow. If they are stifled for too long you will stop producing new ideas and then you will no longer feel like yourself. Wherever your creative juices flow most easily, continue to allow them to flow and make daily notes of any new ideas you have every single day. Whether that be new business ideas; new ways of networking; an idea for a new article; a new book you want to write. Whatever those inspirations might be, keep creating and keep those ideas coming. Always note the new ideas down.

The Outcome – The more you pay attention the daily genius ideas you have, the more you will have and the more chance you have of turning one of those goldmine ideas into reality. You’re creativity will be inspired by the fact your paying attention to those ideas and you will reawaken your inner vigour.

7. Problem Solving

Every wonderful idea ever spawned began as a problem or a puzzle to solve. No great idea has come about unless there was a need for it in the first place. This is where you come in. There are billions of problems on planet earth that need solving. You can take anyone of those and turn it into your personal passion and purpose. For the times when I’m not trying to focus on one of the bigger problems, I exercise my problem solving skills. One way I do that is by playing Wordle.

The Outcome: By challenging your problem solving skills, you will feel a much greater sense of feeling prepared for the tough challenges that life will throw your way. You will no longer fear them; you will relish them. You will be eager to sink your teeth into the next challenge that comes your way.

8. Eat (REAL) Food, Mostly Plants, Not Too Much

I think Michael Pollen’s seven word food rule says it all, but I added in an eighth word to make sure there was not confusion. Whether you choose to be a vegan like myself, or follow a carnivore diet, we can all agree on the simple idea of eliminating processed rubbish and sugar will benefit our health greatly. Lets forget for a second which diet you think is better. I don’t care, I’ve made my choice and I’m sticking with it.

The Outcome: You will feel unstoppable. You will feel like a wrecking ball that will knock straight through any challenge and you will not let anything keep you down.

There we have it. 8 incredible habits that will will make you almost superhuman. Seriously – you will become so powerful they may even cast your for the latest superhero movies! 😉

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  1. Neeta says:


    These are such a simple yet valuable tips that everyone can practice , what lacks usually is the consistence and planning.

    Most of us are reactive to health issues, these steps are proactive measures indeed.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Molly Clark says:

    Riding also makes someone superhuman being. Yes, it makes you for sure. By the way even though I go to foreign then I try to take my bike with me.

  1. July 7, 2016

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