Get a “round”

I made this comment to my brother quite some time back and since then I’d almost forgotten about this point until I was doing a life coaching session yesterday with a client.

We all have a similar goal in one form or another to be financially stable and to be able to sustain ourselves whether that be through owning our own business or several businesses or through working in a stable and enjoyable full time job. I think it’s safe to assume that we would all like to be in a job that we love to do rather than being somewhere, where we “have to” be there almost against our will with the attitude of: “just doing this to put food on the table”

Whatever situation you are in right now, what would you do if your flow of income stopped for one reason or another? Whether you lost your job or lost a prime client that paid most of your wages, what would you do if that happened to you?

Begin by thinking; “This is a wonderful opportunity to being doing the thing I love and make it my livelyhood.” It’s a great thought but you also need to stay physcially active and alert to put you in state of mind and feeling that allows you to say positive and focused on what it is that you want. So what can you do to stay physically active and mentally sharp?

When I first thought about this idea I sort of thought to myself: “that’s stupid, no one’s going to do something like that” but then more I thought about it the more it made sense to me and probably one of the best things you can ever do if you were to ever loose your flow of income!

“What is it”, I hear you ask?


Become a paper boy/girl! I can hear the groans and moans and rejections already but hang tight for a few mins and carry on reading my reasons why!

1) Swallowing your pride and getting a paper-round is a fantastic idea because for starters, if it is one where you have to deliver papers in the early hours of the morning, what it will do is get you out of bed at the crack of dawn. This is so crucial because there is a danger that without a job, you’ll end up going to bed really late, waking up incredibly late and then you’ll feel like you’re not getting anything done with your day. This way atleast, you’ll have something to get up early in the morning for, and once you’ve completed your round, you’ll have the entire day ahead of you to search for jobs or new clients and build up your business.

I remember when I was out of a job for 3 months or so, I ended going to bed at something like 5am every day and waking up and 3pm in the afternoon and because of that bad habit I never really had a chance to do any proper job hunting and I ended up feeling very stale and lethargic. At that point in time I wasn’t as motivated as I am today but I truly wish I had this idea then because I know something like this would’ve given me more energy and drive to get out there and find exactly what it was that I wanted!

2) It’s good exercise!! Whether you’re doing it on a bike or walking you’ll be getting lots of fresh air and exercise and this is crucial to keep you sharp and looking well while you’re in the process of finding your new job/clients. During that period of 3 months while I was out of work I think I must have gained nearly 2 stones in weight, that’s nearly 28lbs in 3 months!!!!! Lets face it, being fat and pasty never makes a good impression on clients or job interviews. Getting the exercise early in the morning will boost your slow early morning metabolic rate and will help keep the lbs off while you doing what you need to do!

This idea may sound strange at first but I know personally that If I lost my main source of income tomorrow then that would be the first thing that I would do straight away to keep myself healthy and sharp so that I could then focus on what I wanted. 😀


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  1. ishmael says:

    i think i should get this job because i have never had a job befor and should get a chance to show everyone that i am good at it

  2. Amit says:

    Well Ishmael, I say go for it! It’s something that will give you some satisfaction and give you plenty of energy!! 😀

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