How I reversed my pre-diabetes and high cholesterol

How I reversed my pre-diabetes and high cholesterol - All that one needs for health and healing has been provided by God in Nature. -Paracelsus-

Here’s how I reversed my pre-diabetes and high cholesterol in 6 months following the news of my blood test results.

I’m under no illusion that I am overweight. However, I have always tried to decrease my weight, exercise regularly, and keep my health in check.

Imagine my shock, when my doctor calls me 6 months ago after a blood test, and tells me I’m pre-diabetic, have high cholesterol, and markers indicating liver disease. Here’s how I reversed it all and got back on track.

Meanwhile, lets do a quick rewind.

In 2005, I had just gone through a terrible breakup and I was at my heaviest I had ever been.

That year, with the help of a friend, I ran my first mile, then shortly after my first 5k.

I kept going and ran my first London Marathon in 2012. Despite being a lot older, I ran and completed my second London Marathon in 2021

Due to my condition, of my body not producing any testosterone, (I’ve been on TRT since 2007) my weight has continued to go up and up.

Yes, my diet was not perfect but what I ate didn’t justify my weight. I even went Vegan in 2018 and have continued to follow a strict vegan diet.

So 6 months ago, when my doctor rang me, here’s the stats he gave me.

  • Firstly, Your cholesterol is higher than it should be (5.5)
  • Your HBA1C is in pre-diabetic range (44)
  • From what we can tell, your liver markers are showing signs of liver disease. (Despite the fact that I’m tee-total.)

My immediate reaction was simply this, Doc, challenge accepted!

I was both confused and simultaneously surprised by all of them, despite my thinking I was doing everything as right as I could be.

However, it turned out, not so.

I wasn’t worried and I didn’t panic.

Having already accumulated all knowledge to turn everything around, I was ready.

I’ve been obsessed with fasting, metabolic health, HIIT, hormone health, microbiome gut brain connection, and so much more for the last several years.

So, I decided to make a few changes.

Fast-forward 6 months, my doc said to me.

  • The most recent blood test shows your cholesterol is back to normal range. (3.9)
  • Your HBA1C is back to normal range (39)
  • From what we can now see, your liver is now showing normal functionality.

It just goes to show most of these modern diseases that we have, are easily reversible and are all primarily, lifestyle related.

All it takes is for you, me or anyone, is grit, determination, and a little bit of the right knowledge.

This is how I reversed my pre-diabetes and high cholesterol.

What I did differently, is as follows. Firstly, I stuck to my vegan diet, but I made a few key changes.

  • To begin with, increased my protein intake.
  • Next, I started doing daily cold showers.
  • Adding HIIT to my workouts in the form of skipping was next on my list. (You can see how far I’ve come here)
  • I reduced my cardio slightly replacing it with strength training.
  • Where possible, I did my 16/8 Fasting on most days.
  • I began eating more fermented foods like Kimchi.

Since increasing my strength training, I’m now lifting more than I’ve ever lifted and 2-3 weeks I’m breaking my PBs.

Small changes = big results. It was about progress, not perfection. This is how I reversed my pre-diabetes and high cholesterol.

Over to you, is this something you’re struggling with? If so, know that you can make small changes that will ultimately lead to massive results.

Let me know in the comments if you can relate to my journey.

2 Responses

  1. Reena says:

    Hi Amit, this is a very thought provoking article and thankyou for sharing as it shows how the power of the mind and determined thought can have an impact on the body in addition to following a strict diet regime which will influence how your body will become. But I have always believed that it all starts off with having the right mind set to begin with which is always the initial challenge.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Reena. Thank you so much for that comment.

      You’re absolutely right. We need the impetus to change and that comes usually from our why.

      Once we have our reason, we can garner from that the right mindset to make whatever changes we need to.

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