5 Jaw-Dropping Food Documentaries You MUST Watch

Food Documentaries

Ever wondered about genetically modified food? Do you ponder on why obesity, and it’s related diseases are continuing to soar, despite the fact we exercise more and have have become more health conscious? Are you hungry for food documentaries to dish all the dirt? 😉

Over the last few years you may have seen me blog regularly on cutting out sugar from my diet, fasting, and generally aiming to improve my overall health including strengthening my knees, and back. I’ve had successes, failures and setbacks, but I’ve continue to experiment.

There is however no substitute for experimentation. I’ve continued the research and gathered as much data as I possibly could. That journey has taken me on some very interesting twists and turns, which include the following list of outstanding food documentaries. Definitely make time to watch them to learn some of shocking truths about the food we eat, our health and the global impact!

Some of these you can find find on the web if you search around, but all of the below can can be found on Netflix.

Food Documentaries

1. Food Matters

Food matters is a fantastic documentary that highlights the importance of nutrition and the power of healing it brings over conventional medicine. I’ve always tried to avoid pharmaceutical drugs where possible, and this documentary was a sharp and shocking reminder of why.

2. Hungry For Change

A gripping documentary with inspirational people demonstrating the power that can come from healthy eating and why ALL DIETS, are a total waste of time!


Ever thought about whether the food you eat is GMO, and the effect that is having? Not only on the planet, but also on your health? some parts of this are scary and have reminded me to be on the lookout for GMO in the food I eat, which I avoid like the plague!

4. The Game Changers

I nearly cried when I watched this. It’s disgusting the amount of sugar we allow food companies to give our kids and the addictions that are occurring. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine, nicotine and alcohol. The sooner food companies are held accountable, the better!

5. Cowspiracy

A truly shocking and eye opening documentary on the over-agriculture and truly globally destructive effect this is having on the planet. We’re led to believe we can’t feed the world, that is nonsense! There is more than enough food to go around but it’s the way that food is used.

Hungry for more? (Excuse the bad pun). Here are some that I have yet to watch but are on my list.

Fat, sick and nearly Dead 1 & 2

(Update – I’ve now seen this and have posted the results of my juice fast here – https://unlimitedchoice.org/health/juice-fast-results/

Food, Inc.



What the health

(This one I have seen, and shocked me to my very core, especially as a lover of animals. I urge caution if you are of a sensitive disposition. This will shake you to your core and I urge all meat eaters to watch this.)

What’s your take on the above on things like sugar, veganism, GMO’s and sustainability? After watching these food documentaries, have any of these changed your opinion on food? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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