The Driving ‘Ologies Series – Part 2

Recondition your engine!

Your body = your car. Your brain = your engine

Just as with any car, your engine may need to tuned after months or years of usage. in the same way, your brain, over time can start behaving in an undesired way. The way you drive the car may also affect some parts of the car more than others i.e. they may suffer from wear and tear to a greater degree than other parts. To return it to a “new like” quality engine, it be must be re-tuned and certain parts may need to be replaced, renewed or just cleaned.

To tune your engine you have to get the timing exactly correct and once thats done you engine will begin to function normally once again. In addition to that, a few small parts may need to be replaced. You might need a new air filter, new spark plugs, a new timing belt and a few other bits just to make sure it goes smoothly for another x amount of miles.

The brain is very similar although much more highly sophisticated. Your brain will become accustomed to your daily routine, as a result, if only those parts of the brain are used repetitively, they will suffer from greater wear and tear than the other parts. So if you are only using a few areas or you brain on a consistent basis, recondition your brain, by breaking the normal routine and “drive” in a different manner. The parts of your brain which are over used will then have the time to “re-tune” themselves.

Driving (living) tips

1. Don’t over thrash your engine, you may burn more fuel than you expect and one day find yourself “out of gas”.

2. Keep your engine well lubricated by giving it the correct kind of oil.

3. Make sure there’s plenty of water in your engine, otherwise it may over heat! 😛

4. Give your engine the fuel it was designed to have. Don’t put diesel into a petrol engine, otherwise you may end up having a “breakdown”!

5. Listen to your engine carefully every week or so, make sure there are no unusual noises coming from the engine.

6 Responses

  1. Prasanna says:

    Thats a nice comparison!

    // Listen to your engine very carefully every week or so

    Thats the toughest part to do! 🙂

  2. Amit says:

    Absolutely, people in general, pay very little attention to their bodies and the body is the commuicator of the spirit. We only know whats going on inside by listening to our bodies carefully and knowing what each sound, feeling, pain, etc means to us.

  3. kavikim says:

    point 5 had me in stiches! Sorry to lower the tone, but you can imagine what cropped up in my head when i read it!!! he he hehe!

  4. Amit says:

    LOL oh dear, I hate to think what cropped up and what sounds escape you! 😛

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