The Game Changers Movie – First Look And Review

The Game Changers Movie

So I’ve just got back from watching The Game Changers Movie! As a vegan self-experimenter, I was really excited to see it and couldn’t wait to review it. #TeamGameChangers

Even though it’s just about my bedtime, (22.22 as I write this and gotta to be up at 5am), I wanted to make sure get the review out while it was still fresh in my head. This won’t be my best work… but just a quick snapshot of what to expect.

I took my wife along who’s a vegetarian and wanted to share my first thoughts as well as hers on the movie.

Even though I’d heard lots about The Game Changers Movie from listening to the Rich Roll Podcast from back when he had Dr Dean Ornish on as a guest, I wasn’t sure about any of the specifics. I.e. who it was going to focus on, and from what particular angles it would approach the subject.

The Game Changers Movie

It was great to see James Cameron speak to introduce the movie and partake in a little segment at the end to discuss the food choices and the impact plant-based has had on him.

The film is presented by James Wilks – a pro athelete Champion MMA fighter who used to be a meat eater and began to re-evaluate his choices after suffering injuries on both his knees. It took a look at his upbringing in Leicester, England and the typical myth mindset instilled, that we need meat for protein.

During his recovery he went on a plant based diet and found numerous benefits, one of which was incredibly impressive. His previous record in continuously doing the battle ropes was 8 mins.

After going plant-based he was able to do the battle ropes for well over an hour, and stopped even though he could have kept on going which was just insane!

Much like the documentary What The Health by Kip Anderson, The Game Changers movie uses experts like Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Kim Williams and Dr Caldwell Esslyten, as well as whole host of athletic doctors to explain the science of why a plan-based diet impacts the body so positively.

The ‘manliness’ experiment was fun, and hilarious seeing the reactions of the collegiate athletes who took part. I’ll let you watch the movie to see what that was all about.

There were appearances by vegan champion bodybuilders such as Nimai Delago, Mischa Janiec who, lets face it are no slouches, and look almost as good as I do. 😛

Arnie was on hand to share his experiences of going plant based and the effect it’s had on him. Lewis Hamilton was also on hand too.

My wife has been incredibly supportive of my vegan journey and so I was glad that she was up for coming along. She. like me, has been a vegetarian all her life. However, also like me, has also been a cheese-a-holic and probably suffered the health consequences accordingly.

She was pleasantly surprised and said, in her own words, ‘it’s really made me think about cheese and milk’. Even if it given her pause for thought, I would say the documentary has done it’s job.

The Game Changers Movie isn’t about trying to convert anyone, but to educate everyone. There’s been a meat protein myth that has permeated and propagated our lives, and it wants to share the new-found facts!

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