Thought For Food. Eat Without Guilt

Thought for food

Here’s some ‘thought for food’ – eating with a healthy conscience is equally important to eating healthy. This is what I wish to put forward to you today.

We’re at a time when everyone is on some kind of diet or major health trip. Then when someone has a weak moment, or a temporary lapse, they end of consume more guilt than they do naughty food. That guilt is causing a major health epidemic. Consider this as ‘thought for food’.

I personally believe that eating an apple with a guilty conscience is more harmful to the body than eating a piece of chocolate with gratitude.

Guilty eating is the norm.

Wait, why would anyone eat some delicious and wholesome like an apple, with a guilty conscience? Even healthy treats like apples are vilified simply because they are seen as ‘sugar’. Whilst it has sugar content, something like an apple has been grouped with bad sugars, and that is just plain wrong!

You may not agree with me, but I’m standing my ground on this one.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
― Charles M. Schulz

There are so many people with little or no food, yet abundant nations like this, eat the plethora of food in front of them with enormous guilt.

Give a small bit of food to someone who is hungry and they’ll eat it with nothing but gratitude.

Whilst I’ve adopted a mostly vegan, plant based diet, I have my moments where I just eat what I want. And I don’t make anyone else feel guilty about what they eat. I encourage thought for food, i.e., whatever you decide to eat, eat with the right kind of attitude.

Do you want that hot-dog with ketchup, mustard and onions? Go for it; savour it. Do you want that entire bag of chocolate M&M’s? Help yourself!

Whatever diet you choose to adopt, do it and eat it with a healthy conscience. If you can’t afford luxury products, and your staple diet is cornflakes, bread and beans, so be it and eat it with gratitude.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Naturally, there is a small caveat. This ‘thought for food’ attitude, is not a licence to eat junk food all the time. It’s just about not making yourself feel guilty on the rare occasions that you do choose to indulge.

Extra thought for food

One special tip to help you with this new attitude towards consumption, is to learn to chew your food properly. Whilst chewing, just quietly say ‘thank you for this food’.

It will take you longer to eat your food, and as you chew, give thanks! Eat with a positive vibration and allow it to nourish you properly.

Allow the mouth to do it’s part in the digestion process. Do not swallow your food until you have broken down the food.

One of the perks of doing this is that your digestion will improve and it will boost your immune system.

So lets change this current paradigm, lets change our thinking. As well as being food for thought, now give some thought for food. Eat with a good attitude.

Drop the guilt. Don’t chastise yourself when you want to indulge now and again. Do it with love, do it with someone you love, and encourage each other to eat clean, that is, conscious clean.

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  1. skittles234 says:

    some excellent food for thought there 😉 xx

  2. skittles234 says:

    i honestly don’t understand people who say they’re on a diet (or 3) to lose weight – i mean WTH?? i’d like to convey this message to all u diet junkies (see wot i did there? lol):

    eat and drink healthily with a happy, healthy, guilt-free conscience! going on a diet will only mean that whatever u deliberately deprive yourself of right now will come back to haunt u in the future…. and wen u’ll have nowhere to hide, u’ll cave and go back to square 1.

    there’s no such thing as guilty pleasures – if ur craving that chunky bar of chocolate, which u will eventually burn off, then i say go for it! the world’s gona come to an end someday, life is too short and our planet is the only one with chocolate so let’s all celebrate a healthy lifestyle with a little exercise, a little of 5-a-day, and a BIG bar of chocolate! u work so hard, u deserve it! 😀

    • Amit Sodha says:

      I lke the pun by the way!

      I agree. A diet, by very definition, is futile and temporary. I always say, employ a diet for life.

      A diet is something that you should be able to maintain for your entire life without it having any adverse affect on you.

      Lets spread this message, and get people enjoying their food again

  3. Zgodna rodzina says:

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  5. Michal says:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice thinking, article is good, thats why i have read it completely

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