Why Worry

When something in your life causes you to worry it can be a soul destroying time. Worry has immense power. Other people will pick up on it as it will emanate from your entire being. Not only will the worry spread like a disease but, it in itself, acts like a disease on the body. Worry can all sorts of problems later on so it is very important not to let the worry last longer than is necessary. Deal with whatever the cause is as quickly as possible! Otherwise you may end up losing more than just your hair!

Worry is the worst disease for the mind. It spreads and becomes the source of more worry. Not only does it spread in your head but it also spreads to the body. There have been so many studies into the effects of worry on the body and although not 100% conclusive there is an overwhelming body of evidence that supports the fact worrying can also cause you physical problems.

So first you need to ask yourself; “What is it that I am worrying about?” Find the cause. Write it down and look at it carefully. You may even realise instantly, by looking at it on paper, that it was something that you didn’t have to worry about much at all. However, if it is something stronger that you had initially anticipated, then begin the process of thinking about realistic solutions. No problem is insurmountable. You just have to find the right solution. After you have written down what the worry is, start to think of some possible solutions.

Say, for example, that your worry is money. If you’re in debt and you need some more income, begin to think of ways that you can bring income into your life. Just remember at this point that worry is not the answer and so you need to put that worry aside and focus clearly on the solution. KNOW that there is a solution but it is up to you to find it. Think of it as another one of life’s small challenges that you want to overcome. If you do the reward is of greater self respect and a much, more confident you.

So you’ve established that you need find another source of income or do something that will bring you more money to clear the debt or be an additional source of income so that you can clear the debt over a period of time. Don’t think ‘I want more money’ as wanting something will never ever bring whatever it is that you want into your life. Wanting = Lacking. Choose that which you wish for yourself. Think to yourself ‘I choose to now end this experience of debt and move onto and experience of abundance’. Or ‘from this point onwards I choose to be wealthy’. Thoughts themselves do not bring the immediate results however just changing minor patterns of poor thinking can help to bring about a change in attitudes and action and will eventually lead to the change.

Once you have made the conscious choice to move away from the experience of debt onto the experience of abundance you must then make a list of the options open to you for generating an extra source of income. List all the things that you can think of that are realistic and viable and not the things that you hope to bring you revenue. If you’re not sure, try a few things out and see what works best for you. Once you have your list down do not just leave it there. Begin putting that list into action.

Another great way of getting yourself out of worry, is to help someone who is having the same worry. If that person is also in debt, I don’t mean give them money, I mean help them go through the same process of listing down good viable sources of income and then help them put that into action.

Most importantly, do not fall back into the pattern of worry if things don’t work out. Remember that each one of life’s challenges is a process and will take time. The may fail on the first few tries but that’s not an excuse to give up. You can do it! You have to push yourself harder than before with the thought that you have already succeeded in your task before you have even begun. Think ‘by beginning this task, I have already chosen to succeed in it’. This isn’t a false hope or wish, it’s a new way of thinking, it’s a challenge to your current perceptions and it’s a statement that says that old ways of thinking do not work for me so I choose to try another way!

In summary, here are the steps you need to follow to overcome worry;

1. Firstly, STOP WORRYING!

2. Write down what it was that you were worrying about.

3. Look at the challenge from another angle.

4. List out your possible viable solutions to tackle the challenge.

5. Think ‘by beginning this task I have already chose to succeed in it’.

6. Help someone else who is facing the same worry or challenge.

7. Even if your first few attempts aren’t successful, give it another go!

8. Stay focused and KNOW that you have already succeeded!

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