10 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Badminton

Are you a bit bored? Do you often just end up going home and vegging on the couch after a hard days work? Are you stuck and not sure what to do with life?

Do you wish you had a way to get fit, have fun, vent your frustrations, and make some friends all in one go? If so, here are 10 reasons why I think you should put down that bowl of ready-made noodles, along with that can of duff beer, and find yourself a local badminton club to join!

Badminton is quite simply one of the most awesome sports you can play.

I used to play at college and gave up once I started working. 13 years ago I took it up again casually and about 6 years ago I decided I wanted to take it more seriously.

I now play up to 4 times a week and I can’t think of a more fun way to spend my free time whilst getting fit!

1. Fun Fun Fun!

Badminton is organised fun for cool people. In fact we may just have to check out how cool you are before we let you join the club. If you aint cool, we’ll put you through a coolness program first, and then you might get to play if you pass the stringent tests. 😛

Okay, calm down! I’m just kidding; but badminton is seriously epic. You can play singles to increase your fitness, or you can play doubles if you want to have a bit more fun. It’s definitely more enjoyable than Squash, and unlike Tennis you can play all year around!

2. Social

If you join a club, you’ll find that you’ll be off court occasionally. During those times, you’ll get to mingle, socialise and make lots of new friends. Or, if you’re a crazy ass mofo like me, you can get a skipping rope and skip to keep the sweat going!

3. Pace

Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world; bar none! Experienced players can smash the shuttle at speeds of over 200mph. When you learn to return those kinds of shots you get a serious rush! Just be warned though if a shot like that hits you in the head, you’ll walk around looking like you’re being targeted with a sniper rifle for a while!

4. Reflexes

With great power comes great responsibility and with badminton you will develop lightening quick reflexes. Because of badminton I once caught a mug full of coffee after I pushed it off the table; WITHOUT SPILLING A DROP!! It was totally surreal. Like that scene from Spiderman. Only I didn’t have Mary-Jane on my lap! 🙁

5. Fitness

If you like to sweat then badminton is for you. With badminton you burn off the equivalent of a chocolate bar every 30 minutes or so. I’m not suggesting you eat a chocolate bar every 30 minutes to make sure you don’t waste away though! To see how much exactly you burn check out this table of stats. For someone like me, a 270lb’er who plays for 3 hours at a time, I could eat a horse every hour and still not worry about it going to my thighs or buttocks.

6. Agility

With badminton you have to learn to get from one side of the court to the other extremely quickly and so after a while you develop the agility of a cat. Meow!

7. Competition

You can keep it a strictly social thing but if you like to be competitive then chances are your club might be part of a league. If so you’ll get to compete against other clubs and kick some ass after which some victory dances that you and your team mates have made up. I recommend the ‘bolt’ or the ‘Mo Farah’.

8. Cost

Badminton isn’t the cheapest sport but it doesn’t really break the bank either. The biggest cost is usually the shuttles. When you join a club the cost of the shuttles may be included and so you may not even notice your wallet get lighter.

9. Spectating

I’m not really one for living life as a spectator but badminton is one sport I could happily watch for hours. There are tournaments all year round, big and small, so have a look around and also get yourself down to the All England if you’re in the UK.

10. Skills

Whilst also learning to hit the shuttle at speeds that would even make a red Ferrari blush, and resemble a slug, you will also develop the softest touch. You will be able to just drop the shuttle over the net so it trickles over and hits the ground quicker than your opponent can say ‘ZOIKS SCOOBY’! Just check this clip of Peter Gade and his legendary trick shot. So COOL!

If you’re not sold on Badminton yet, then I hear knitting is making a comeback!

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  1. Waw… I’m impressed! I had no idea badminton can be such a stimulation and growing experience.

    There must be some kind of social stigma about it, cause from what I can tell, it’s usually seen as a feminine and boring kind of sport. You tell a guy who’s into lifting weights to take on badminton and he’ll laugh harder than if you tell him to take on salsa dancing (which is one of my hobbies). The poor sap 🙂

    .-= Ideas With A Kick´s last blog ..Sometimes forgiveness isn’t the answer =-.

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    You hit the nail on the head Eduard…So many people do see badminton as a feminine sport and it is anything but!

    When you start playing at a higher level not only does it build incredible upper body and leg strength but as I said in the post it also also increases your flexibility, agility and strengthens you overall.

    It’s great fun and a great fat burning sport to.

    I also used to do Salsa dancing but I had to quit because they changed the day of the classes. People can laugh all they want but when I was there, the women were gorgeous and generally the blokes were outnumbered 3-1. Not a bad way to spend an evening!

    .-= Amit Sodha´s last blog ..10 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Badminton =-.

  3. Tristan Lee says:

    I used to be scared to play badminton in college (as it was considered as sissy sport :)) However, when I started to get into it, I realized how much reflexes and agility you need! Now, I don’t mind playing because I learned that you don’t play for others, you play the game because it’s fun. Thanks for sharing this!
    .-= Tristan Lee´s last blog ..The Illusion of Success =-.

  4. John Clark says:

    Badminton is a great game, and superb cardiovascular activity because you’re constantly on the move. it’s right up there with table tennis and squash as a great indoor sport to play.

  5. Amit Sodha says:


    It’s strange that so many people have that perception. If anyone has not seen them check out some youtube videos of Lin Dan and Taufik. Those guys are almost from another planet at they things they do!

    Thanks for the comment! 🙂
    .-= Amit Sodha´s last blog ..10 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Badminton =-.

  6. Amit Sodha says:


    It’s so true John. I think squash has one advantage over badminton in that you can book a court by yourself and practise your strokes anytime. You can’t do that with badminton but I just found that badminton was much more social than squash which is why I decided to continue leave it and go for badminton.

    Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  7. Les H says:

    I agree entirely with your comments. Badminton is a great game when your young and you can play and enjoy it right into your dotage (that’s where I am).

    Fun, social (Badminton’s to blame for my marriage!), reflexes etc – your remarks are all spot on.

    The one thing I find tough is watching my son play. I don’t know how other countries do it, but in the UK there are tournament circuits for U13s, U15s and U17s – my son plays in the U15s. His last two tournaments he lost in a semi-final and a final and I found it really tough to watch. Another game he won 25-23 and I think I came close to having a heart attack.

    It’s anything but a sissy game…
    .-= Les H´s last blog .. =-.

  8. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey Les!

    Oh I couldn’t agree more there that watching your favorite players in trouble or even if you have a friend playing or in your case a son can be really painful to watch.

    Sorry to hear about badminton being responsible for your marriage! 🙁 (LOL)

    Thanks for your comments and keep in touch!


  9. steppinout says:

    I love badminton. Play it since 12…
    .-= steppinout´s last blog ..Direct Access And Manage Your Windows Live SkyDrive Files On Desktop =-.

  10. Les H says:

    Amit, it got even more painful. My son lost in the final of the next tournament. Still, he’s going in the right direction, only needs to go one better.

    The level of fitness and the stamina of the boys is fantastic. My lad was on court for 4 hours that day – so were many of the other boys. The girl’s doesn’t seem as tough as they don’t get the same numbers entering and there’s less strength in depth. Which is odd, given some people consider it a girl’s game.

    Les H.
    .-= Les H´s last blog .. =-.

  11. Yadda says:

    Of course, you would know that the reason why Badminton does not get the place that Cricket or Soccer gets is that it does not attract advertising money.

    And thus our schools do not promote it either. There is no organized crime supporting Badminton, and Badminton remains so much poor for it !

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Well I wouldn’t say it’s a poor sport. The chinese badminton players are treated like UK or US tennis players. It is popular and prestigious, just not as much in the UK or the West overall.

  12. Kaushik | beyond-karma.com says:

    I loved playing badminton as a kid in Africa. In the US there isn’t much badminton. Badminton (like field hockey) strangely is considered a woman’s sport here.
    .-= Kaushik | beyond-karma.com´s last blog ..Radical Transformation =-.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Kaushik,

      I’ve heard that badminton is viewed that way in the US…I may have to take it upon myself to educate them on just how much of a mans sport it is! 😉 LOL

      • Arun s says:

        Get in line Amit. I wanna be the first to educate these people here. They are crying out for help desperately, as is pretty evident.
        Maybe you and I can conspire to do it as a team, even a two pronged attack . Gotta get rid of backyard ‘goodminton’ in these parts, pardner!

  13. I used to play badminton before and I can relate to this post! I agree that playing badminton can really give your body a total workout. In fact, I remembered playing badminton once in one of our intramural events, and boy did I sweat so much! Haha. Thanks for posting this entry. Your thoughts basically made me want to play badminton again.
    .-= New at sara@Yeast Infection Relief’s undefined ..Response cached until Tue 26 @ 5:53 GMT (Refreshes in 23.07 Hours) =-.

  14. gimbal says:

    i love badminton…..n badminton its sport with high spirit ,skill n strtegi

  15. Forid says:

    Ever since I started playing in my early 20s during a family visit to South Asia(Bangladesh), where it’s very popular during winter periods and played out from dusk, out in the open, I fell in love with the sport and never stopped playing ever since. The reason they play from dusk is that that’s when its less windy. It’s amazing how they control the shuttlecock but with hardly any indoor courts, they don’t much choice and others can join in and they don’t have to pay for court hire!

    After returning to London, I improved my game and playing regularly for the last 15 years! Badminton is played by more people in the UK than Squash or Tennis. It’s a shame they don’t show the sport on TV much.

  16. Johnny says:

    One thing that I don’t like about tennis is that you can’t share courts. With badminton, 4 people can share a court however they want. If its 2 pairs, they can practice on each half of the court. If their skill levels are near the same, they can play doubles. If their levels are not the same, they can still play doubles with the better players adjusting their play to accommodate the weaker players and they can still have fun. With tennis, this is rarely possible.

  17. Badminton Rules says:

    Thank you very much for sharing these “10 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Badminton”! Indeed, badminton rocks!:)

  18. Bradford Badminton says:

    Why is tennis more popular in the UK than badminton. Cheaper and more fun to play!

    Bradford Badminton

  19. hmmm well…. i dunno… still not convinced… imho…

  20. badminton courts says:

    Awesome. If you’re interested playing badminton, what are some important benefits that you can get.

  21. skittles234 says:

    I love watching sports like badminton and cricket but I love playing badminton! I used to be the only girl in my all-boy high school badminton club – it was so awesome coz we all took the sport seriously!

    I definitely wana join a badminton club! Any suggestions, guyz? 🙂 x

  22. Badminton is one of the greatest sports. I ve been playing now for say 11 years and I still haven’t got bored of it. This game is not even feminine if you have the skills to play the game. I’m telling you, if you go on there with competitive people, it will be like a war zone, you will be sweating bullets, following up with cardiac arrests and if your lucky you may leave with a lazer dot on your fore head if you get smashed on.

    I remember I had a doubles game and there are points you will suck at the sport and hit the shuttle high in the sky. My opponent hit it up so high giving me the advantage to smash the shuttle. Now I’m gathering every energy from my leg and body into my left arm, S M A S H !!!! The shuttle was fly across the court at a incredible speed with flames surrounding the shuttle, and it hit one of the opponents right in the centre of the head. Straight after he got hit by the shuttle, the shuttle knocked off his head and flew back up high and fell into the centre of somebody elses court distracting them from play. The opponent didn’t fall over but got a migrane that night and a big F**K OFF Lump.

    To make it sound even funnier, we play badminton every wednesday, and the next wednesday we went into the play badminton, everybody attended and the man that got hit on the head. You might not believe me, but this guy still had the lump there on the fore head but it was green. He still had a bruise which is noticable. hahahahahaha and he has a bold head so he can’t really high that with is hair, but I suggested he wear a hat or a wig for the time being and to put sumthing on that for it to heal a little faster. Since that day, he always wore glasses and a hat when he played badminton against me. lolololol hahahahaha

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Saiful, loooool I absolutely love your description about the shuttle hitting his head. I too am a regular, I try and play around 3 times a week, I can’t say I’ve ever caused that much damage to anyone, but my smash does pack a wallop!! 😀

  23. Robert Upshaw says:

    When I was in High school, I refused to play badminton, but now I love the game…very much! I lived in China for 4 years, and now I’m back home in America. There are no..none, Zip, Zero courts in my city, and only 3 in the state of Georgia, at the university in Atlanta. So, guess what, I’m going to buy a building and start my own badminton center….some how i will raise the money, I used to have a community center, for social events, but when i arrived home….my ideas has changed, so now we will have a English school, teachin Chinese, English and Spanich, and a Gym to play badminton…..If any one knows where i can receive funding and support, send me a email. Thanks follow badminton lovers! My Chinese name is Li Wang Hu, email is liwonghu@yahoo.com

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Wang, I hope you manage to find the funding you need to set up your club. Luckily for me in the UK and in Europe there are no shortage of large clubs and venues and who knows you may be onto something a take badminton to a new level in Georgia! Hope it goes well my friend. 🙂

  24. Badminton is the funnest sport I have ever played

  25. shridulla says:

    hi’for my 10year old daughter which is best,tabletennis or badminton? which have a good future?

    • Amit Sodha says:

      The question should be, which does she enjoy the most? Of course, Tennis is much more lucrative in the west. Badminton more so in the east. I love badminton, I wouldn’t give it up for anything!


    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hi there, I just noticed you said table tennis and not tennis. It really depends, but my personal opinion would be badminton.

  26. Sharon says:

    Great article! It really got me pumped for doing some exercise!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      You’re very welcome Sharon and thank you for commenting! Hope the exercise went well! 🙂 x

    • Arun s says:

      Your post is interesting whether you are sports minded or not.
      I really recommend Badminton for everyone, first timer or backyard bird. Some have played it in school, out of the elements, if you know what I mean.
      A dedicated facility or for a lack of it, a city recreation center with multi purpose gyms comes in handy. Enjoy & stay fit.
      Done right it can extend your longevity by two years.

      • Amit Sodha says:

        Well said Arun! 🙂


        • Arun s says:

          Hey Amit,
          Newsflash: K. Srikanth one of the up and coming young Indian stars just beat Lin Dan on his home court to win the 2014 Superseries China open.
          He won in straight games and it’s his first SS tournament win and first time in China. How about that!
          Trust you’re doing fine and busy playing as much as possible.

  27. Arun s says:

    Hey Amit and the rest of you guys. As a Badminton addict I’ve got to say it can be infectious. After having played a variety of Racket sports, team sports and others over the years, I’ve got to say Badminton always comes out on top.
    Great to hear other people who know what they’re talking about also reflect my very feelings. I tell people to play it in the right conditions with the right equipment before they knock something they are clueless about.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Arun,

      Awesome to hear from you and always wonderful to hear from a fellow badminton fan. I couldn’t agree with you more about the equipment and conditions which does make a huge amount of difference. Where you do play? Do you play competitively or for recreation?

      • Arun s says:

        Hi Amit, thanks for your prompt reply. That’s so encouraging to say the least. In answer to your question, I played competitively for years in India and here in the U.S.
        I live in the greater Phoenix area and play only twice a week kinda quasi competitive and recreationally. Like to play a lot more and will be shortly.
        Apparently we will have access to a brand new Badminton dedicated 8 court facility opening up on Oct.1st. It will be equipped with state-of-the art Yonex type rubberized roll out competition courts with hi-tech lighting and dark green background with plenty of room around each court etc.
        I can’t wait to get the membership because it will be open 7 days a week year round and fifteen minutes away.
        I intend to coach as well as they have a couple courts set aside for that purpose specifically. Growing interest in the area finally. Will keep you posted if you so desire. Thanks again and cheers and keep inspiring us all. You’re obviously a great ambassador of our sport . Love your enlightening columns too!

        • Amit Sodha says:

          Hey Arun,

          And likewise, thank you for your reply too! 🙂

          Wow that dedicated venue sounds kick-ass! I’m so happy for you that you have something like that as I hear in the states, hard-core badminton players often have to travel for hours to get to a place like that. – Send me a picture or two once it’s opened and if I’m ever state-side, I’ll definitely look you up to give you a game!

          They are much more common in Europe, mine is about 30 minutes drive and so I can go there often. I’m off to play a tournament in Belgium in October too.

          As for the IBL, I didn’t even know there was one! I’ll have to check that out! 🙂

  28. Arun s says:

    Oh, also by the way I’ve been following the IBL in India, that’s currently underway and concluding on the 31st.
    What a great concept as in the IPL Cricket. Hope they reach their goals down the road. Very intriguing and fun watching!

  29. Arun s says:

    Hey Amit,
    Thanks and yes, it will be kick-ass once it gets going. Some local red tape issues are slowing it down but that was factored in so they’re looking to be close to schedule for opening day.
    I will try to send you pics and oh,good luck in Belgium in October.
    It would be great to have you play down here with us. I’ll try to give you a game or line someone up to measure up since you sound tournament fresh and ready to compete. Cheers! Arun

  30. Arun s says:

    Just come after September when it’s cooler out. If you’ve ever been here you know what I’m referring to.

    Besides, even though Badminton’s weather is always controlled indoors, it’s always nice to walk out to a conducive temperature.

    I’m working on ways to develop our sport/equipment in order to play competitively on the outside,where it’ll reach a lot more people,player/spectator etc. In other words “outside the box” Badminton….so to speak. It’ll be a bit but it’ll be a lot more like indoor badminton, than the current ‘garden variety’,if you will.

    Be in touch, best regards (: Arun

  31. Arun s says:

    Hey Amit, it opened the day before Thanksgiving. They’re not breaking down the doors or storming the place yet, but there is a steady stream of players making their appearance each day.

    Seven courts being used now but he will open up the eighth soon as demand increases. Check out their website phxbc.com and you will have a better idea. Let me know when you’re here.

    Seasons greetings to you and yours! Arun

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Arun,

      Wonderful to hear from you and always great to hear that things are picking up and I hope it continues to do so!

      I will definitely let you know when I plan to be over! 😉


  32. Arun s says:

    Hey Amit,

    Great to hear back. Yes, it’s been good and we’re getting a lot of playing time. Look forward to having you play here.

    How did it go in Belgium a while back?

    Have a good holiday season!

    ~ Arun

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Arun,

      Likewise and sorry for my late reply. been very busy as of late and not playing as much, but still playing when I can. Hope the badminton is going well!


  33. Badminton is my favorite sport. I like it most because playing badminton is too simple. I play it for many purposes like fun, fitness, relaxation etc.

  34. Arun s says:

    Hi Amit. Yes we’ve been into the new place now for over eight months.
    Phoenix Badminton Center opened Thanksgiving of 2013. Fast getting busier by the day as people discover it.
    Check out their website, http://www.phxbc.com. They have reviews, slide show, pics and so on. Let me know what you think and when you’ll pop in.
    Cheers mate! ~Arun

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Arun, thank you again for the update – hope the badminton is going well! 🙂

      • Arun s says:

        Hello Amit,
        Good on you mate, nice to hear back after such a long spell.
        Happy to say it’s been going well, but not w/o a lot of effort and promotional fortitude.
        If you go on their site you’ll also see video coverage by local TV stations etc. Let me know what you think as well as offer any suggestions you might have. Upcoming for the one year anniversary is a tournament as well with a small,token cash prize money award to winners/runners up.
        Clinics and team building workshops are on the upswing somewhat. How’s everything with you?Do you live in Belgium?
        Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you down here.
        Thanks Amit!

        • Amit Sodha says:

          Hey Arun,

          Congrats on all the amazing promotional work you’re doing for the new club and all the amazing coverage you’ve been getting – and most deservedly so!

          The badminton world is great on this end, both the clubs I belong to have grown so big. I’m in the UK and I sometimes go to Belgium for tournaments 🙂

          Keep up the amazing work and hope to see you in the future!


          • Arun s says:

            Hey Amit,
            Thanks a bunch. I appreciate the kind words of encouragement and appreciation. I’m encouraged to know that Badminton is gaining so much ground. It lends impetus to our effort here as well. It must be so much easier to feel that wave of popularity living in the U.K.where it’s been around and got a nice foothold. Where exactly in the U.K. do you live?
            Here in this part of the U.S. it’s not exactly all the buzz and real knowledge and awareness is kind of spotty. The bulk of membership at the PHXBC comes from the Asian/S.Asian community who mostly don’t need intro to the sport as much. Much of our effort is to draw in enthusiasm from outside the box, if you will, and feed that fire to keep it going. Along the way there are some badminton starved Europeans and locals that are happy to discover us and slowly becoming regulars.
            Tons and tons of work and energy it demands is pretty stressful. Looking forward to hearing from you as always,and hopefully seeing you here soon,yes. Enjoy your Badminton travels and matches. G’luck!
            ~ Arun

  35. In My Country Indonesia, We start playing badminton from child. Its has been our daily sport activity when we take a rest. I am proud living in Indonesia. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  36. farzul ekram says:

    hi mr. Amit,

    persistently and consistently read out any meaningful and inspiring series of question and answer segment like your one have always been one of my great interests. And when its linked direct to sports and badminton then the degree of interest gets much higher. Almost every 10/15 of your qs and answer segment anybody could find emotional pleasure due to inevitable presence of three distinct interest social, professional and even academic . Which we usually cannot find such to some other games. And there is a purpose behind my intrusion into this segment today. I would love to share few of my current activities with you related to badminton in Bangladesh, And i would be feeling empowered when I would find interest from your end by adding simple note to my mail leatherart100@gmail.com.
    dhaka bangladesh

  37. Bart says:

    I love playing badminton, organized some pickup games on meetup, craigslist and http://trytopic.com but I had no idea the game is so healthy) thanks for the article, I’ll show it to my friend who’s too lazy to start to play x)) btw, if someone’s interested, I’d be glad to find someone to play with. check out the latter website, the games I organize are listed there)

  38. Arman says:

    Thanks for your sharing. Have you checked this ? It provides ton of value by explaining the rules of badminton in easy to understand explanation.

    Very good for beginner who want to start playing badminton

  39. A run s says:

    Hey Amit,
    Thought I’d say hi since its been awhile and bring you up to date. That new Badminton Center regretfully has shut down despite all the last ditch efforts to save it.
    The problem was it was located in perhaps the most high rent area here and the lease the owner signed went from 10k a month to 12k and he was looking at another hike to 14 k. All this in eleven months since he opened his doors and had built up membership as fast as we could. The more we filled the place the higher the lease and that wasn’t part of the deal.
    A bunch of crooks and he lost half a million in investment. Anyway that’s the story.
    Hope you’re keeping it up.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Arun,

      Buddy, that’s really sad news that’s happened and such a shame it ended that way. I genuinely am sorry to hear that and hope that out of it, it can somehow be reborn, bigger, better and more successful than ever! 🙂

      My badminton is going well, I was just on holiday and also recovering from a back injury but I did take part in a singles tournament and did ok – but it was tough and gruelling!

      Lots of work to rehabillitate my back though and get back to full strength! 🙂

      All the best my friend!


  40. Arun s says:

    Hey Amit,

    Thanks for the kind words of ecouragemet. Yes I hope it comes back with a revenge, bigger, better and stronger than before. Sorry to hear you threw your back out.

    Yes physical therapy is long and arduous but will deliver. Hope your back comes back better and stronger so you can stay active in Badminton as well.

    Stay in touch please, it’s always nice to hear from you friend.
    Best regards,

    ~ Arun

  41. Arun s says:

    Hey Amit,
    I gave my Facebook account to my grandson when I first set it up. Not sure how to post from it.
    I’ll give it a try though.

  42. I have a great passion for Badminton, and thus I really enjoyed reading this article. In my leisure time, I always try to play badminton, that is why I feel I am so fit and energetic.

  43. Arun s says:

    Hey Amit, I must apologize for the long spell since I last posted. The only other place close enough to home (community center) to so indulge in my favorite sport has closed down for renovation and a facelift. It could take as long as five months for this major overhaul and as you know, that’s an awful long time.
    So in desperation I’m dabbling in Pickleball to stay fit and active. Actually the Phoenix metro area is booming with players and places to play. In fact it’s a virtual hotbed even countrywide. Not to replace Badminton since it’s more like tennis but easier and I’m just using it for a fill in, but may actually consider playing it along with badminton, since the opportunities are virtually endless. Check it out online if you are even curious and haven’t done so already. I know there is nothing like Badminton on the planet, this or any other.
    Enough said. You take care friend! Be chatting soon.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Arun, no need to ever apologise – same here!

      Ouch, 5 months is a long time… that’s a real shame but so glad you found something else to say active and have fund at the same time! I’ve never heard of that so I’ll check it out on youtube!

      I’m still playing, a little less at the moment due to injuries but last summer I was playing a lot of singles which took it’s toll on me a little 🙂 There’s nothing quite like a good fast paced game of doubles though! 🙂

      All the best too and speak real soon!


  44. PRAGATI says:


  45. vonie11 says:

    Nice post!

  46. Arun s says:

    Hi there Amit,
    Didn’t mean for it to be so long. Hope you’re doing well and your ‘back is back’ to normal and you’re able to play your game. I know how frustrating it can be. The community center is open and in full swing now. The courts (wooden floors) are brand new and a bit shiny though (glossy, I don’t care for) yet not slippery as they appear. Pretty tacky actually.
    They now offer both Badminton and Pickleball on different days/nights.
    I’m not surprised how crowded it gets especially since PHXBC closed their doors last year. It’s only five minutes away from that location so it’s good for the locals.
    I’m also seeing Brits and other Europeans showing up for both sports. There’s this guy Rexi from Belgium who loves to play both and we’ve been teaming up to form a formidable team. Interesting, we’ll see who’ll bring the challenge to us. Not bragging, I’m way past that,
    you understand KWIM?
    It’s easier for me to play more PB than Badminton for two reasons. The numerous venues to play PB around here (exponential growth/popularity) and my two rotator cuff tears. Lot easier w/o so many repetitive motion overheads as in Badminton. Nice fill in as well.
    Anyway sorry for the longish spiel but I guess I’m trying to fill you in.
    Take care buddy,

    ~ Arun s

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Arun,

      Great to hear from you buddy! And don’t worry, it’s been long from me too – Yes, my back is almost back to normal, still some rehab needed to get it back to 100% but I’ve found a fantastic physio, had my MRI but it is healing and getting there! 🙂

      Glad to hear about the community centre being in full swing and I’m not suprised so many Europeans playing

      Ahhhhh so you’re a formidabble team, great to here it so should you and I meet buddy, we can have a great game! 😉

      Keep me posted, will show you some pics of the places I play here!


  47. Melissa says:

    I totally agree. Badminton is So much fun! I love how light the racquet is and how fast the game can get.
    Definitely worth trying:)

  48. rouben says:

    i love badminton as a competition sport, but it also can be fun playing with the kids in the park

  49. sophia says:

    I really enjoy playing badminton! And i am starting to fall in love with it…. #johorwomeninaction

  50. John says:

    Thank you Amit for this great article! I’m convinced to start playing badminton now 🙂

  51. Michael Williams says:

    Thank you for this great article Amit!
    Badminton is really a great sport and so much fun, I think everyone should play it.

  52. samhoodaus says:

    Thank you sharing wonderful post.
    Keep Sharing.

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  54. Athletic Lift says:

    Just finished an anime about badminton, and it inspired to start trying it out for real. This just made up my mind to actually buy a racket online. Thanks!

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