100 Days of Vision…Day 34

A lot of people have asked me why I’ve gotten into doing stand-up comedy and there are two main reasons that have driven me to give it a go:

1) Firstly comedy has the ability of taking any predjudices, insecurities, differences, etc and giving people a new perspective on them that makes them see the lighter side of it. Comedy the ability of showing the lighter side of any dark situation. Not only that it allows me to take the things I feel most fear over and make them funny. Because of that the fear evaporates quickly and effortlessly. I have had my fair share of animosity and self loathing and I knew that comedy would be one sure fire way of demolishing both of those.

2) I wanted to become a better public speaker as it’s something that has given me a lot of fear over the years and I knew that doing stand-up comedy would be one excellent way of essentially taking a crash course in public speaking. I happen to agree with people now when they that stand-up comedy is one of the most difficult thngs you can do. It really is!! It takes so much preparation and planning and ultimately you don’t know whether you’ll be funny or not but all you can go is go and give it your best! I will definitely say that it has helped my public speaking. I do have a long way to go but I’ve probably learned more it so far than most people do by doing 5 years of public speaking courses.

It’s scary but if it’s an idea you’ve toyed then my advice to you is go for it!

Essentially though it’s about feeling good and comedy is a great way of getting past things like anger, fear, and resentment! No one will expect you to become an expert at it but give it a go, just a 5 minute set and think about all the things you’ve feared in the past and how you can now see the lighter side of them! 😉

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