21 Ways To Make Personal Development More Orgasmic

I love the world of personal development. It’s kind of becoming an internet home away from home. I like to keep it fun and interesting so I compiled a list of ways you can make personal development more orgasmic too…Urrr, well sort of. Enjoy!

1. Finger Dexterity

Ok, you have to do this one! Buy one of these remote control cars! It was the best £8 I’ve ever spent and I’ve had hours of fun! My friend and I both bought one and had some wacky races while the cat was trying to swipe at the cars. Roadblock! What has that got to do with personal development I hear you ask? Um, nothing; but they’re so much fun!

2. Be Bold

Break out of your comfort zone and do something on your own. It’s been a while since I’ve tried anything new on my own so I’m going to research and see what sounds fun to me! I like going to the movies alone. Because I’m big and tall I like to stretch out on the seats for comfort and also no one can steal my popcorn or nachos! Hands off!

3. Step out of your mind

I was driving along one day and stuck in some traffic but I was really getting into the songs on the radio. I was dancing away in my seat whilst and singing away at the top of my voice when I noticed that the people at the bus stop next to me were giving me weird looks. Bah! I didn’t care, I just carried on. It’s a good test to yourself to see if you can really be you and not care what people think.

4. Open Your Eyes

Engage in other bloggers discussions and of different areas to expand your horizons. My fellow DJ and blogger friend Rudey put up this post about changes to a popular radio station that has become even more commercial. I felt quite strongly about that so I decided to have my say.

5. You Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

Begin a movement like Pay It Forward or start a new trend that becomes the next big thing. I’ll be putting up an idea I’ve had for a while on Tuesday so come back then to check it out

6. Once Upon A Thyme

Write a short story or comedy sketch. My comedy friends and I have started filming some sketches and I begun to write some too. It’s actually a huge challenge and it’s given me an new found appreciation for the comedy writers of my favourite shows like Scrubs. Or just stare in the distance and really look like you’re in deep thought.

7. It’s Snow Joke

Make up a joke. Have you ever tried? It’s not as easy as it sounds. I’ve get forwarded jokes as text messages and email all the time and I always wonder who made them up? They’re geniuses!

8. The Driving ‘Ologies

Because of all the recent ice and snow I decided to take my car to a frozen car park and improve my driving skills. Smell that? Yep, it’s bullpoop! I just wanted to do loads of doughnuts and power-slides like the fast and furious bunch but I’m sure that somehow helped to improve my driving and overall personal development. What? It does!

9. Living In A Box

Think outside the box when it comes to starting a new hobby. I’m going to try snowboarding soon and with all the snow we’ve had in the UK lately that soon may be the sensible transport option. Power snowboards; now there’s a business idea! I’m also going to go and drive and Aston Martin around a track! VaVa Voom!

10. Blogjour

When speaking to foreigners get them to teach you something in their language. Recently I’ve been meeting more and more Polish people so I thought why not learn how to speak it from them. Jinkoya! (It means thank you.)

11. Precision Snaps

Take funny and cute pictures of your pet and post them up; maybe add some zen or poetry. It’s not easy capturing them at the right moment! See what other great moments you can capture like what Storm Troopers do on their day off.

12. Are You For Real?

Play a prank on someone. When I was hosting the breakfast show, we prank-called my co-hosts mum. I told her I was a Policeman who’d arrested her daughter for stealing milk from a milk float. Her mum was naturally a bit shocked but she said: “It’s so odd for her to steal milk as she doesn’t drink it!” I was on the brink of bursting out laughing but I somehow held it together! How does that relate to personal development? Wait lemme think…oh yes, it improved my bluffing skills for poker…yeah that’s it.

13. Hold ‘Em Or Fold ‘Em

Start a poker night with friends. My friends and I usually play poker once a week and we not only have collosus fun but we also end up having some incredible banter. Through poker I’ve had some great insights into the mysteries of life.

14. Physical Development

Buy a copy of the Karma Sutra. It’s a thoroughly riveting read. Get your partner to ‘test’ you on the knowledge! 😉 *Looks around nonchalantly* 😉

15. Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre

Take a random road trip and visit a place you’ve never been too before. Or, go and surprise someone you’ve not seen in a while that may have popped into your mind recently. Maybe there’s a reason you thought of them!

16. Think Like A Yellow Fellow

What would Homer do? Think of ways Homer Simpson would handle your Personal DUFFelvopment (or DOHvelopment) challenges. *Waits for groans*

17. Lights, Camera, Jackman

Start planning a movie of your life. If you were going to choose who would play you in the movie who would it be? In my case it would probably have to be Hugh Jackman ‘coz he’s the only one who comes close to my rugged good looks…and that’s only if I wasn’t available for filming. 😛

18. Playground Games

Remember how you used to play ‘tag’ at school in the playground? Lets invent blog tag and right now, you’re it!

19. Who Nose

Enter a horse race on a donkey. Who knows, all the other horses might stumble at the starting gate in which case you’d win on a donkey…just think of the publicity! And no, you wouldn’t look like a jackass. (I think I was thinking about number three when I wrote this one!)

20. Oh No He Didn’t

There’s nothing quite like starting a discussion on a controversial topic. Don’t stay in the middle ground. Pick a side of the fence and get ready to defend; on guard!

21. Yaw Turn

Write your own list of 21 ways of making personal development truly more orgasmic! What makes it more orgasmic for you?

44 Responses

  1. Valerie M says:

    Amit… you, my friend, are a trip. LOL. Honestly I don’t have anything to add to this, I’ll pretty much ruin the flow. Oh, except this. #21.. Moral of the story: Stop taking everything so daggone serious! Get up… do the hokey pokey and you shake it all about… 😉 Yes, in public… where everyone can see you. Laughter is contagious.

    Loved the post (no secret there)! Keep shaking things up…!

  2. The thing that I like about personal development is that you can find thousands of new things where you can improve, and this list is clearly a proof.
    .-= New at Oscar – freestyle mind’s blog ..Interview with Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle =-.

  3. Kavita says:

    He he he! OK, OK…..I will no longer steal your popcorn and natcho’s!!!! lol!!!
    Pure blissful inspiration…thank you for my simbazen link too!!! Hope ya’ll like it!

    p.s. you got the snow joke thing from me right? lol !!!!!

    Lubz and Hugz my fellow road racer (toy car that is!) 🙂

    • Amit Sodha says:

      I should’ve said after that part about nacho’s and popcorn ‘you know who you are, hang your head in shame!’ 🙂

      Lets have another whacky race soon penelope pitstop! xx

  4. Christopher says:

    wow…you’ve given me lots of ideas about personal development. Number 14 rocks..hehehe 🙂
    .-= New at Christopher’s blog ..Authenticity in Spontaneity: a Case of Healing from Tragedy =-.

  5. Hi Amit.

    Good point there about starting something, and that connect to the going it alone message. When we do something that is of our own making, we then have the ability to adjust it to our liking, and sustainably give people something they might like.

    Humor does make a large difference. Humor is a type of risk-taking. It is worth putting out whatever level of humor you normally do, because the people that like it will like it, and the people that don’t like it aren’t a good fit for you anyway.

    Upbeat list here.
    .-= New at Armen Shirvanian’s blog ..An Interview With Chris Guillebeau =-.

  6. Fatibony says:

    Love them all……… the list is soo dynamic and enlightening. No 1 is great, entertaining , sounds wacky for an adult that’s obviously the fun behind it . No15 is equally awesome its stimulates the idea of just being spontaneous 🙂 *** 🙂
    .-= New at Fatibony ‘s blog ..Motivational Thoughts to Encourage and Inspire Us =-.

  7. Amie Sugat says:

    #3– When I used to drive I used to have a mixed disk of songs, some classical (uh, not slow stuff, more like Beethovens fifth on steel guitars) and some other various types of music.. it was one of my mixed CD’s I used exclusively for driving. any-who, one of the songs on it was the pink panther done by the symphony orchestra. (I’ve also got X-files theme done by an orchestra, as well as some regualr rock songs.)

    I’d crank it up and open my windows when stuck in traffic. yes, nothing turns heads or gets a reaction like that OR Beethovens fifth done on electric guitars really fast like rock music on acid.

  8. Love your wacky sense of humour and flowing creativity, Amit! For #21, all I can think of is “Have a good scream.” Well, no, not at someone but perhaps next time you’re out for a run or on a hike, or on a roller coaster. It’s an excellent tension reliever and very much ties in to your title there :-). Thanks for the levity of this post.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      I like the idea of having a good scream…I do it often at badminton when I’m goin for those killer shots, people laugh at me, but it’s a great tension reliever!

  9. Hi Amit,

    Your title is superb and eye catching. This article is a good reminder that personal development need not be restricted to only few popular areas. more broader our area of development, better it is.

    .-= New at Nilendu Bhattacharya’s blog ..How to Expand Your Comfort Zone for Success =-.

  10. aDeeb says:

    First off, nice pic man.
    Way to get attention!
    (In fact, the photo reminds me of all the relationship related sites that all use the same stock-photos.) 😛
    The title is spot on; there’s no limit of what people will do for pleasure.

    Some very great points and unorthodox as usual.

    I liked 17 the best.
    Christian Bale stars in my life story. (I one upped you, :P).
    Batman > Wolverine.
    .-= New at aDeeb’s blog ..Rockstar101: Lost! =-.

  11. Lana - DreamFollowers Blog says:

    Wow great list Amit, totally loved it and definitely going to implement some of the points!

  12. Mighty says:

    Hey Amit, I loved going through your list. nothing heavy or hardcore! But it was definitely LOL material! 😀
    .-= New at Mighty’s blog ..Twitter Updates for 2010-01-17 =-.

  13. Kaushik | beyond-karma.com says:

    Great to read your whacky sense of humor! Maybe that should be on the list!

    Mine are to allow, to let go and be aware, and amazing things happen!

    Thanks, always a pleasure to visit here!
    .-= New at Kaushik | beyond-karma.com’s blog ..Allowing the Disturbing States =-.

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