The 8 Cutest Videos On The Internet EVER

Cutest Videos

I love seeing cute things on the internet. So many things go viral so easily but I pay particular attention to the cute videos of babies and animals.

I especially love watching these when things get especially tough and these ones in particular are the ones that never fail to cheer me up!

One of these days, when I have my own kids or pet, I’m going to film them doing hilariously cute things and then make them a star! 😆

Here are 8 of the cutest videos you will see anywhere on the net! (At least that’s what I think anyway!) If you’re having a tough week or things have been a bit rough, I hope these cheer you up in the same way they do me.

Do you have a cute video that cheers you up that you want to share? Feel free to post it in the comments below.

1. Baby girl on phone to Daddy!

They say everyone should learn Chinese, but I want to learn what this girl speaks!

2. Pug gets a massage.

I believe it’s a form of Swedish massage or it could be Thai – who knows!

3. Pug puppies.

I think pugs are the cutest dogs on planet earth…don’t believe me? Just watch this one!

4. Shar Pei puppies.

Okay, Shar Pei puppies come a close second…just look at them! Awwwwww….

5. Laughing quadruplets

I wish my audiences laughed at my jokes like this…

6. Kitten falling asleep.

I start to feel sleepy just watching this…

7. A Shih-tzu puppy.

This would melt the coldest heart!

8. Don’t grow up.

I laughed so hard when I saw I literally spat on my screen! When I saw her baby brother I could understand why she was so upset.

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  1. Jo Lisa says:

    These were all hilarious!

    This is another one that I just loved to watch.

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