Fashionably Perceptive

Hands up whoever remembers the good ol’ days of Top Gun and the pilot shades? I certainly do and I can recall buying my first pair of pilot rims with the mirrored lenses! How cool were they?! 😆

Then just a couple of years later it was all about the ‘Ray Bans’. Another shift in fashion. I remember thinking that the Ray Bans were so cool; much cooler then the pilots! It’s funny how something looked great to me and then not long after it looked totally hideous! I used to think “I can’t believe I used to wear those!”

And now guess what…the pilots are back! They’re all the rage this year and everywhere I look I see people wearing them. In fact I even have a pair in my glove box which one of my friends left there (which I’m going to keep!). And now once again they look cool to me! It’s it weird how our perceptions get skewed and shaped without us even being aware!

It just goes to show that peception is a flexible tool. The way I see something is shaped by other forces but ultimately I can choose to change the way I see things. In turn I can alter someone else’s perception too. 😉

On that note I thought I’d leave you with a cheesy song that I’m loving at the moment that includes plenty of pilot shades among many other things! God bless America! 😀

Starpilots – In The Heat Of The Night

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  1. Kavita says:

    So true! 🙂 x

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