Footprints In The Snow

Today I woke up to the fabulous site of deep snow and a blanket of white as far as the eye could see! I woke at at 5.30 and I gazed out the window and saw one of my favorite sites in the whole world; fresh untouched snow! I quickly got ready and dashed outside to place those first footprints in the snow and hear that lovely scrunchy sound of crushing fresh powder with my feet! 🙂 I truly am a big kid at heart and I was so excited although a little disheartened that I had no one around at that time to have a snow fight with. 🙁

I went on my walk as usual, but as I was so excited about the snow, I couldn’t focus my thoughts as I usually do so I decided to try something different. Firstly I imagined that I was in Narnia and that I was on my way to see Aslan to receive my all important mission to conquer the evil Queen! I remember as a young kid watching the cartoon version of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe and whenever I used to see the snow all I could think about was being out in the snow and playing!

Then, once that fantasy was over, I pretended to be Rocky in the fourth installment where he trains, in the snow, for the big fight in Russia against Ivan Drago! ((*Does the Rocky Celebration*))

When I got back close to my house, I decided that wanted to build a snowman! My first attempt wasn’t that successful but the second attempt was a little better but the only thing I didn’t have was pebbles for the eyes and nose, and a pipe to boot! He looked a bit evil but he was my snowman none the less and I loved him just the same! 😛

Even though there was no one to have fun with, I had fun on my own building my snowman and creating imaginary worlds in my head. It’s so important to keep that child in your alive through your imagination. It keeps you from feeling lonely and allows you to feel happy even when thing seem like they are not going so well! As Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of lifes coming attractions.” What better way to get imaginative than in the same way as a child; free, wild, and without limits!

(Later on that morning, I went to check if the snowman was still there and to my horror I saw one of kids from my street running away with the head and another running away with the body! My poor poor snowman!) 🙁 🙁

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  1. Kavikim says:

    awwwww – it got snowman-napped!
    *Police Report: White, cocasion, decapated head, weight – light as a feather!

    Soo true about being a child! Me and my mate from work went to the pub at lunchtime, both of really excited about the snow. She made snow donuts (wheel skids with her car) we then got into the mother of all snow ball fights! i got pinned to the floor, and ate snow!!!! urrrgghhhh! he he he! so gross….but so much fun!!! He he he! it’s kept a smile on my face all day! Amazing how snow can make you feel like a child all over again! he he he! 🙂

  2. Amit says:

    Hehehe I was genuinely upset when he got taken but then I thought awww never mind, I’ll make another one next year hopefully if it snows again! 🙂

    LOL @ your snowball fight, sounds like fun, I forgot to mention that I saw the paperboy I usually do on my walk this morning and asked him for a snow fight too! 😛

  3. Just think about how you made two kids very happy this morning. They got a ready made snowman!

  4. Amit says:

    Haha, not just them, I was hoping it would put a smile on everyone passing by. My neighbour saw me making it too and was laughing at me, but I was enjoying myself too much to care!

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