Friday Fun – Radio Show Wind Up

Last year when I was doing the breakfast show at Westside Radio my co-host, Chloe and I decided to do a wind up on her mum.

Although I used to enjoy hearing my favourite DJ’s doing a wind up I wasn’t keen to do it on my own show.

In that moment though I thought why not and lets just pray her mum takes it with the humour with which it was intended.

So for a bit of Friday fun I thought I’d post the wind up here as a pod-cast you can listen to.

We had all sorts of trouble getting through to her mum. Every time we called the phone was either busy or it went to answer phone. We persisted for a whole hour and eventually we got through to her.

To set the scene I was posing as a police officer and I had arrested my co-host for a small crime. I’m one of these people who has trouble controlling their laughter and throughout the whole time I just wanted to burst out laughing!

Somehow I managed to hold it together but Chloe was in the background totally losing the plot. She almost had to leave the room and especially the point where her mum said she didn’t drink milk and when I said I blamed the parents! 😆

Press play:

After that I got a bit of a taste for the wind up and so I started calling up this call centre regularly and making strange requests.

They took in good spirit but eventually they decided to start getting their own back on us at the studio and they started ringing us to do wind-ups on us. It didn’t work of course; we were way to smart for that! *ahem*

What’s the best wind up you’ve ever done or the funniest one that’s ever been done on you?

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  1. Kavita Sohanta says:

    Awsum on top of awsum, with a sideline of awsum!!!! lol!!! xxxxx

  2. Sibyl - alternaview says:

    Amit: You promised a giggle … but I was laughing hysterically. Your line about “I blame the parents” was hilarious. And, “she doesn’t even drink milk” was classic. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and a good round of laughter. Have a great weekend Amit. Talk to you soon.

  3. Baker says:

    LOL dude you are funny!!! I like it.

  4. you cant blame the parents.. their not on your wave length.. this is classic!!

  5. So much fun Amit!
    I loved listening to this radio podcast 🙂
    I love the accent ..hehhehe…I’m listening and typing the comment at the same time…hehehhe
    “She doesn’t even drink milk!” ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……i cant stop giggling….thank you thank you for making me laugh so much today 🙂
    My mum always gets caught up in pranks like these…my hubby has the flair for making up accents and fooling the daylights out of people 😉
    Such a good one!
    Lots of love,

  6. skittles234 says:

    LOOOLLL omdayzz that is friggin hilarious!! my brother does excellent impersonaions of Borat, King Julian from Madagascar, Homer Simpson and many others so u guyz should get together and prank-call my mom or some other random people like Bart does to Moe hehe 😛 x

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