How To Make A Plan Come Together – Just Like The A-Team

When I was a kid Saturday evenings were my favourite night of the week. It was because my two favourite T.V. shows would be on. The first was Knight Rider. I think that every boy who ever saw Knight Rider always wanted a KITT of his own!

I think secretly even now, the young men from my generation, despite the fact we’ve all grown up, we all still treat our cars as if it is our very own personal KITT. I actually have the KITT app on my iPhone which has the KITT voices and even the KITT dash! Will I ever grow out of it? Probably not! 😛

The other program was the A-Team. Who could ever forget about that crack commando unit that was sent to prison, for a crime they didn’t commit? When you had a problem, and you didn’t have anywhere else to go, you called the A-Team!

They worked together as a unit and each of the team had some unique skill that they brought to the table. It was because of each of those unique skills that they were such an unstoppable force and were able to combat and defeat all of their foes.

The combination of all those skills created four unshakeable pillars. Am I saying you should assemble your own crack commando unit? Well if you want to, but I’m talking about cultivating each of those skills so that you become an elite unit, all on your own.

Here are those skills:

1. Hannibal – The Man With The Plan (Who Liked It When A Plan Came Together)

Hannibal was the man with the plan. He was the leader who had the ideas. When there was a problem and they faced an intelligent foe, there was no doubt that Hannibal would come up with a plan smarter than his enemies. The others listened to him and no matter what he was up against he would be creative and think outside the box.

Do you have the skills to lead? Be a great mind that doesn’t think alike. Get a cigar as well to look really cool.

2. Face – The Man With The Charm (Who Got All The Ladies Too)

Face was the man who used his charm to acquire all the information that he from any situation. He knew all the right buttons to push so he could get the intel that would allow the team to formulate the right plan. He had charm, style and could pretty much convince anyone of anything. He could sell his story no matter where he was.

Are you able to sell yourself in the right way? Be a charming seller that doesn’t need to push. Hair that you can flick, is a bonus.

3. Howling Mad Murdoch – The Man With The Know-How (Who Was A Bit Nuts)

Murdoch was the man with the technical know-how and he also added the element of unpredictability. Whenever the A-Team needed any resources to support their campaign he knew exactly of how and where to get it. He wouldn’t just think outside the box, he would stamp on the box, tear it to shreds and then make something else completely that didn’t even resemble a box.

Do you know where you can get whatever it is that you need? Be resourceful and know where to look. Occasionally, just blow the box up!

4. B.A. Baracus – The Man With The Strength (Who Was Also Pretty Good Behind The Wheel)

When it came down to it B.A. was the warrior of the group. He was the man who would take the fight to his enemies. He could take a punch and then he could keep on coming. He had no fear (well, except flying) and was always ready to fight for those who needed his help.

Do you stand and fight or do you cower away? When you get knocked down, learn how to get back up. Wear some bling too!

Are you feeling like that elite commando unit yet? If not, here’s the trailer of the new A-Team movie to help!

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  1. Amit, what do you mean when you WERE a kid?!

    You are still a kid now and may you remain so always:-)

    Very clever post – I may not have long hair that I can flick, but I definitely see myself as the man with the charm. The bit about getting all the ladies is clearly going to come soon…

    So what does everyone else see themselves as?!

    We could form our own A team here:-)
    .-= New at Arvind Devalia’s blog ..The Ultimate 40 Posts For Valentine’s Day =-.

  2. Christopher Kabamba says:


    Some very distinct and indispensable traits you have highlighted.

    I FEEL like it already; amazing what words can do; i remember the A-Team (and Knight Rider)… and enjoyed watching them on TV. What i didn’t know is that many years later i would be reading a BLOG POST on it and be energized by it.

    Thanks a lot.
    .-= New at Christopher Kabamba’s blog ..7 Things you DON’T NEED to transform your Life =-.

  3. Amit,

    Not that the post isn’t cool or anything, but I was particularly thrilled to see the debut trailer for the new A-team movie. I’ve been waiting for it impatiently and I didn’t know it was out. Now I can wait for the movie!
    .-= New at Eduard @ Ideas With A Kick’s blog ..Get your stuff together instead of using distractions =-.

  4. Mehul Kar says:

    The A-Team trailer looks AWESOME. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ryan says:


    Awesome analogy!

    I adopt all 4 traits but have been feeling B.A. Baracus recently. I believe deeply in mind purpose and am shouting it out to the masses.

    A deep conviction in what you’re doing is perhaps the most important quality to possess after having a desire to do what you’re doing.

    Now I can’t get the theme song out of my mind 😉 Where’s the van?
    .-= New at Ryan’s blog ..Super Quick Lesson in SEO =-.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Ryan,

      I think all boys had a fascination with BA coz’ he was the tough one. He stole the show in many ways.

      A deep conviction is so important, if you don’t believe in what you’re doing people do pick up on that at a very subconscious level.

      Dontcha just hate it when you get a song stuck in your head! 😀

  6. Johnny says:

    Wow… I can’t wait until you get around to MacGyver! He was all of them in one, except for maybe Murdoch, but he could fly a plane too.

  7. Kaushik says:

    I didn’t watch it as a kid, but now that there’s a movie, I look forward to it!
    .-= New at Kaushik’s blog ..Divine Valentine and 2012 =-.

  8. Faizal says:

    Important lessons to learn form every person. I think you should look at others and always pick something positive up from them. It makes you better at what you do.

  9. I have watched A-team, Mission impossible (60s series) not the bad movie version, night rider, transformer (cartoon one) and all star trek, star wars things. I am a geek, science fiction fan and somehow I loved the TV series but not many movie version. Let’s hope they do not botch the movie version this time.
    .-= New at Zengirl @ happy heart and mind’s blog ..Simplifying your Valentine day: Free e-book =-.

  10. Amit Sodha says:

    I really enjoyed the M.I. movies and Transformers and the Star Trek and Star Wars Movies. I don’t think this movie will break new ground, I think it will just be some simple action and fun!

  11. Swati says:

    LOL…I love how the images you’ve used are your t-shirts! FYI A-Team does still come on one of the retro cable channels.

    There is always something good to learn from other people, even those who are mean to you. I worked in this one place where I was getting bullied and someone gave me some advice to help me deal with it effectively…for every negative thought/response/interaction from that person, let me create 10 positive ones! I did 5, more concentrated ones plus I couldn’t always think of 10…I still do it, often with difficulty, but not only do I get to focus on the good bits about someone, it’s an opportunity for me to develop myself and grow into the superstar I was born to be!

    I am the ultimate commando unit!! (sometimes) I have hair to flick so I’m nearly there lol

    ps. You are the A(mit) Team – i pity the fool who says otherwise

  12. Hi Amit,

    I never got into the A-Team so it was cool to learn about the characters. Makes re-consider the whole show.

    And as for Knight Rider, my husband is like you. Loves the concept of such a car and we are planning on getting an iPhone. I will tell him about the app so he can indulge in the fantasy.

    Hope all is awesome!
    .-= New at Nadia – Happy Lotus’s blog ..“Here Comes the Sun” – The Re-Invention Begins =-.

  13. aDeeb says:

    A-Team, Knight Rider and MacGyver.
    My life would suck without those shows on reruns.
    Not looking forward to the movie at all.
    No one can replace Mr. T.

    For a fact I hate remakes, the trailers all prove why.
    Remakes are never as good as the original, forget about being better.
    .-= New at aDeeb’s blog ..University Life: Survival of the Slickest. =-.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Remakes will always be inferior simply because they are based on an idea that already exists and so are trying to emulate an idea that we already have about the show or book in question. Only a new fresh idea is different as we have nothing to compare it too.

  14. Baker says:

    Nice post.

    I enjoyed how well you put these ideas together! I used to watch this show a lot. I was a big fan of B.A. Baracus myself. Oh and I loved KITT. My car GPS is a lot like my personal KITT. lol

  15. Kavita Sohanta says:

    I think i’m a bit of all of them!

    ……so don’t gimmi no back talk!!! lol! 😉

  16. Anastasiya says:

    The A-Team never made it to Ukraine and after reading your post and I feel very unfortunate that it didn’t 🙂
    I think that in real life we are parts of each of those characters in the right moment. Movie characters just show us the qualities that almost everyone wants to develop in themselves in a hyperbolic scale. When we think about it and really try it we can be anything we want to be. We are not limited to the screen script and we can change ourselves as much as we have courage and desire to do so.
    .-= New at Anastasiya’s blog ..The Only Way to Bring Your Life into Balance Right Now =-.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Wow I can’t believe you never got to see it in the Ukraine. That’s the great thing about the net Ana, I’m sure if you have a good look around you’ll find it online somewhere…I think you’d love it!

      It’s true and I think that’s the other thing about movies and T.V. shows like the A-Team and why they can be so popular, because they show us something in some ways that we aspire to be! 🙂

  17. Phil Bolton says:

    Love it Amit!! The A-Team was huge in the UK when I was a kid. I once got in big trouble at school for breaking a music stand whilst recreating the scene where the A Team build a tank out of whatever junk is laying around. I always wanted to be mad dog Murdoch, however I like the idea of combining all their skills inside me. Great concept – well done.

    .-= New at Phil Bolton’s blog ..Get off the Hamster Wheel =-.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Phil,

      LOL it’s would’ve been great to see a picture of that event! LOL So I’ll be BA, Arvind is Face, You’re Murdoch, now all we need is a Hannibal to create the full set! 😉

  18. Hey Amit.

    I sure do remember KITT. I would see that show along with Airwolf, and they sure represented a lot of good versus bad. The theme music from Airwolf was great, and also that from Knight Rider. I had a little black race car that I would think of as KITT and I would park it alongside the wall like it was an actual car being parked. It was a cool-looking little car.

    I know the A-team also and that is a valid set of folks that you got some points to follow from.

    That sure was a cool small car I had.

  19. Man i miss the A- team. I can’t wait for the movie. Truthfully we all need a strong team of fun people. Surrounding ourselves with great friends, makes us great indeed. Glad to see your childhood was a positive blast form the past. Great post AMIT!

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