How Can I Be More Funny?

I received a question from a reader recently who asked me about how they can become more funny.

I’m not the most funny person in the world but I can hold my own on stage 😉

I was performing at a comedy event recently and I was on stage with some amazing comedians and talent. I had a great time and after the event I got lots of compliments from the other comedians which I was so grateful for. I wasn’t expecting any at all.

Like I said, I’m not the best comedian in the world, but I’ve learned to be better. I was looking through some of my past comedy clips and comparing it to what I have now, and it’s a world of difference.

One thing that still amazes me is how many people think that a comedian has gone on stage and its making up everything on the spot.


They have been writing, practising and editing for a long time and the process is never finished. Experienced comedians will write new material and usually practise at small gigs. Then they will edit the routine based on the response in preparation for their bigger events. They will get someone to film it to see themselves perform; review it; look at what worked and what didn’t work; what had potential and retry again after the changes.

Whether you want to be more funny and entertaining in social situations, or if you even fancy yourself as a stand-up comedian, then here’s where you can start.

I began by reading books, and although that is great way to go, in my opinion not the fast way. There are two things you can do which I believe will help you become better very quickly.

Firstly, memorise about 20 jokes. Find jokes from joke books, websites, from watching your favourite comedians. Revise a variety of jokes like stories, one-liners and once you have them memorised, start telling them to people. If you’re at a dinner party, take one of the stories and tell it. Gauge the kind of reaction you get.

Secondly, take a few of those jokes, and dissect them. Look at syntax, look at how it’s worded, look at the way it’s delivered if it was done by a specific comedian. Break it down and then, replicate it with a joke of your own. Make up your own joke that mimics the formula of the joke you dissected and then take it for a test spin.

Keep repeating that practise and then as you become more relaxed you’ll be able to be funny on the spot and come up with jokes.

If you want a joke to start with, here’s a great one from master of one-liner comedy, Milton Jones, which a great place to start:

‘Years ago I used to supply filofaxes for the Mafia. Yes, I was involved in very organised crime.’

If you want more, here are 50 of the best jokes ever –

Finally, I’ve been doing some gigs as of late and most recently, I did a gig which was filmed by a charity who run a website called My video is on there and you can watch it by donating just £2 (or more if you wish). The money goes to the wonderful charity called WarChild.

Now go and be punny! 😛

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