How To Stop Taking Life So Seriously


Life IS NOT meant to be taken seriously! Sure, we all go through shit, but sometimes you just have to sit back, laugh at yourself, and start fresh!

If you’re a grumpy bastard, STFU! If you know someone who is always moaning about something or the other, tell them to chillax and to remember that someone out there is always worse off than them.

Get out there, have some fun and forget about everything for while. Go and do some crazy stuff with your friends…try something new, say hi to some random people, be silly, laugh at yourself when you fudge things up.

Take a leaf out of my book on how to not take life too seriously!  Enjoy!

1. Take a bitchin’ selfie!

Meditating Picture

Ok although not technically a selfie, I was in the mood to do a bit of meditation whilst looking like I’d just had some kind of an epiphany! (Or I farted…I can’t remember which)

2. Try a new look…

Try not to wig out

I think I look rather hot as a red-head…what do you think?

3. What did you look like as a baby?

Baby Pictures
Awww my baby pictures

I was such a grumpy kid who hated having his picture taken!

4. You’ve not lived until you’ve tried a giant pretzel fried with cheese.

Cheesy Pretzel

Let the obesity crisis continue!!

5. Pretend to be a Al Pacino

Al Pacino
Al Pachino

Oh yeah, I gotcha back gangsta…holla!

6. Do some Pilates

Pilates Picture

This is called synchronised floor pilates…we weren’t lying down on the job…boom!

7. Grant someone a wish

Genie Aladdin
Your wish is my command

Your wish is my command…after you give me a chocolate bar!

8. See what you look like when you sleep


I know this picture is going to bite me in the ass someday!

9. Make friends with your food

Cookie Monster Cookies
Cookie Monster Cookies

I named them all. The one on the top right with one eye missing is call Mike Wazowski.

10. Try a bit of stand-up

I often take the piss out of myself when doing stand up…this was just a bit of practise, but a good reaction from the crowd overall.

11. Keep your friends close to your heart


He’s called Alan…

12. Help me find Nemo

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo

Oh…there he is…

13. Rescue some damsels in distress!


Eat your heart out Henry Cavill

You know what, I’d love to hear about how you have fun and don’t take yourself or life too seriously? Tell me how you do it. 😀

12 Responses

  1. skittles234 says:

    awesome one! u forgot one really important point – do funny dances or extreme sports with your other half and become crazy ass mofos! 😀 xx

  2. Robert says:

    Funny, funny… thanks for your uplifting thoughts and ideas – I dare to try some of them.

  3. Vishal Bharadia says:

    This article is brilliant. I have done some… Or would like to do some of the same things.

    It’s great to see that people follow a similar philosophy of living and enjoying their life.

    Amit, thanks for sharing.


    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Vishal,

      You’re most welcome and thank you for sharing, that is too kind! (PS am looking forward to doing some crazy stuff with you on your big day!)


  4. Milan Bakrania says:

    Bro, you in that genie costume had me in stitches! LOL

    I totally agree, life was never meant to be serious. However, it’s a little sad that something so simple is not common sense, and needs to be pointed out. It should be taught in schools in my opinion.

    Great post : )

    • Amit Sodha says:

      HAHA Glad you liked my outfit, you should’ve seen the little comedy skit play with did with that…I also played a role of a baby…now that was hilarious!!

      I like what you said about it being taught in schools, it’s a shame it would need to be taught, but it does kind of feel it’s being erased from being part of growing up!


  5. Johnny Sawyer says:

    This has got to be the best post I have read in a month! You sure don’t seem to take life too seriously at all. Looks like fun. I like to play with our 2 cats, watch movies and read horror stories and go have a beer at the beach and chill. Wicked!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Johnny,

      That’s really kind of you to say and thoroughly enjoy my crazy ass mofo ways…I love all animals, I have a friend with a cat and sometimes I make her chase around my mini remote control car…or make her chase around my laser pointer…so much fun!

      Thanks so much for connecting,


  1. September 25, 2014

    […] It’s all too easy to take life too seriously and that is never good. We get so attached to our stories and all the various things going on that affect us directly. Sometimes there is no better option than to take a step back, extract yourself from the situation and find the funny! […]

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