Random Musings For Today – An Exercise I Recommend To Everyone

I just felt like writing whatever came into my head so here goes….

– I’m excited about the weekend. I’m going to buy a present, for my best friend silver butterfly, for his birthday on Monday.

– Even though my knee and shoulder are in a bit of pain I’m determined to push through and keep up my training.

– I want to learn how to feel rejuvenated from just a few hours sleep every night.

– How can I effect serious change on a global scale in a positive way?

– How can I become more humorous?

– Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do a LoA (Law of Attraction) experiment on a global scale.

– Shake your booty

– Lets make love, lots of it.

– Go give a stranger a hug! (If they hit you, give them another hug!)

– This weekend go do something mad that you’ve never ever done before! (I certainly intend too!)

– Go give your car a wash, mine was dirty but I gave it a wash and it looks brand new again!

– How can I bring life coaching to the education system?

– Smile

– Jump

– Go Bananas and eat one too!

– What is fly fishing?

– I have had some absolutely stunning views of the Moon this week.

– Time for me to go home, have a great weekend everybody! 😛

4 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Amit,

    The moon was full a couple days ago, and it truly was beautiful. (I have a new moon-phase widget on my blog…right at the top of the sidebar…it’s pretty cool; check it out when you get a chance.) Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead…enjoy!

  2. kavikim says:

    Dude! Gimmi what ever it is your on, and i want it in regular doses! MWAHSSSS! well done amit – show us all how its done! x x x

  3. BJ says:

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