14 Inspiring Must Watch Talks That Will Blow Your Mind

inspiring must watch talks

If look around on the internet, you will find some incredibly inspiring talks, by some wonderful people who are at the top of their field. I’ve complied my absolute favourite 14 inspiring must watch talks for you for to pour devour in your spare time that will give you plenty of food for thought.

If you really listen carefully to the messages these inspiring must watch talks share, you will notice a common theme among most of them. All these incredible people are talking about their respective fields and yet each sharing a prolific common message.

Take note of that message as it will totally change the way you think and what you do.

Inspiring Must Watch Talks

Four of these are by Sir Ken Robinson who is my favourite speaker of all time. If you’ve never had the pleasure, he’s funny, inspiring and a wonderful story teller – I taught him well! 😆

1. Jim Carey – MUM Graduation

The first one I’ve included is the most recent and will blow you away. It’s by Jim Carey which he did earlier this year at the MUM university and his message is as poignant as I’ve ever seen.

2. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

I found this discussion with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates which really has changed the way I think about business and entrepreneurs. It’s just fascinating watching these two giants of the business world talk openly.

3. Sir Ken Robinson – Schools are killing creativity

Sir Ken Robinson is phenomenal at spreading his message and does it in a refreshing and uplifting way. A much loved and respected teacher. I’ve watched his talks several times and I always walk away with new insights.

4. Steve Jobs – Stanford commencement address

If you haven’t seen this already, where have you been? This is probably Steve Jobs most famous address. A truly emotional and powerful message he shares through 3 very simple stories.

5. Bill Gates – Harvard commencement address

Bill Gates, Harvard’s most famous drop-out delivers his passionate speech about ending inequity in the world.

6. Dan Pink – The puzzle of motivation

Dan Pink has helped changed the way companies think about the the way in which they motivate their staff. The results and information here have already begun reshaping the way companies think about their staff.

7. Jill Bolte Taylor – A stroke of insight

Jill, herself a brain scientist, ended up having a stroke but recounts her experience and how incredible it was, to learn first hand, about her brain inside out.

8. Sir Ken Robinson – Passion

A wonderful gem from Sir Ken Robinson, this time sharing his thoughts and passion and finding that which you love to do.

9. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates – Success

When I first found this video it was my first glimpse of Warren Buffett and I had no idea about his type of character. He’s very witty and charming. They both also talk about finding what you love to do and doing it.

10. Sir Ken Robinson – Escaping educations Death Valley

Education is much broader than we think it is. It doesn’t just happen in the classroom.

11. Anita Moorjani – Dying To Be Me

Anita’s documented NDE absolutely fascinated her doctors because of the clarity which which she recollected events while she was in a coma. The message she brought back has now inspired hundreds of thousands of people. More and more respected scientists are talking about their NDEs.

12. Sir Ken Robinson – Bring on the learning revolution

And following up from his talk from earlier – bringing on the learning revolution!

13. Dr John DeMartini – Secrets to self Mastery

Another of my favourite speakers, Dr John DeMartini speaking with unmatched clarity and power. I’ve been to see and met him on several occasions. His level of knowledge is truly unmatched.

14. Tony Robbins – Why we do what we do

Tony Robbins is just incredible, even watching this today you begin to see why he was, and is, still so popular and why people continue to flock to see him.

I hope you enjoyed all these inspiring much watch talks as much as I did. Have you got any you would add to the list?

10 Responses

  1. Amit, bravo!

    These are definitely 14 of the most inspirational talks on the net – well done for putting them together neatly in one place:-).

    I still have to watch some of these, so tea-break coming up soon…

    And one day soon, YOUR talk will be #15!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Arvind,

      Thank you so much for the kind words my friend! – Hope you enjoy the videos in your tea break.

      LOL – not sure if my talk will make it to my own list but I do hope someday, it makes it onto someone’s list! 🙂

      Thank you again and all the best,


  2. Milan Bakrania says:

    Deep stuff bro,

    Here are two more:

    Whoopi Goldberg – Being Yourself

    Aisha Chaudhary – Happiness is an attitude!

    Keep it going!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Milan,

      Wow thanks for those additions, two that I’ve never seen before! I’m off to watch them right now and will come back and share my thoughts!

      Hope you are keeping well my friend!

      All the best,


  3. Reena says:

    Hey Amit what a spectacular post wow! Good videos to, I think they have definitely come to me at the right time. 🙂

  4. mark says:

    Whilst these are definitely inspiring I cannot understand why you have not included Neil Gaimans commencement speech at University of the Arts Class of 2012 which must rate as one of the most intelligent, witty, moving and inspirational speeches of all time. Just listen to it and tell me I am wrong!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Mark,

      I’ve not heard of that speech before but I will definitely watch it. I’ve heard of him before and I’m sure my company organised some tours for him recently.

      I’ll watch it shortly and get back to you once I have – I always welcome discovering new inspiring talks/lectures.

      With thanks,


    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Mark,

      I just want to say thank you for introducing me to that video – I truly enjoyed it. Being a high school drop-out, I could totally relate to everything he said.
      I especially love everything he said about making mistakes, breaking rules, and make good art.

      Honestly from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

      For anyone else – here’s the link to the video.



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