Most Inspirational Quotes Awards – 2015

Image Quote Awards 2015


This is the first such awards and so things may change a little as it moves forward but hopefully will keep this and fun and simple as possible!

Facebook is awash with wonderful quotes from incredible leading edge thinkers in this day and age. I’ve taken it upon myself to start creating image quotes also (Inspiring Sumptuous Quotes) and also on my FB Page too.

With there being so many wonderful and amazing creators I thought it about time to find the most inspiring quote of 2015!

This is where you come in too because this is your opportunity to vote for you favorite; the one that makes/has made the greatest impact on you. You can not only vote for your favorite, you can also nominate the ones which have inspired you the most too, which can be your own or someone elses. To begin with, and to get the ball rolling I’ve nominated some of my favorites.

Naturally there will be a few small and simple rules…

  1. In the comments below, vote for UP TO 3 of your favorite – Check back regularly as more will be added as the competition rolls on!
  2. This competiton is open to anyone and everyone – you only need an image quote and then I will also link to your FB page and blog.
  3. Also in the comments, nominate new quotes by including a link back to the image quote. You can nominate UP TO 3 that are not already on the list.
  4. This is for original image quotes – not quotes put onto images – i.e. a picture with a quote by Zig Ziglar.
  5. New entries and vote calcuations will be updated every 24/48 Hours.

The compeition starts immediately and will run all the way through until the end of September 2015 as the number of entries increases we may move into a finals stage!


– The one with the most votes wins!

The winning quote will be featured on my FB as well as others (TBC).

I’ve even made things simple you can copy and paste the template text below into the comment field.

Hey Amit, here’s who I nominate/vote for!

I nominate the following images (Include links)

  1. Link –
  2. Link –
  3. Link –

I vote for the following as my favorite inspirational quote of 2015 which has inspired me and changed my life (Specify the number in the list!)

  1. Number X
  2. Number X
  3. Number X


Without further ado – it’s time to start adding the entrants.


1. Steven Aitchison
Blog: Steven Aitchison – Change Your Thoughts
Facebook Page:
Number of Votes – 1

Steven Aitchison Quote


2. Jonathan Wells
Facebook Page:
Number of Votes – 1

Jonathan Wells


3. Amit Sodha
Facebook Page:
Number of Votes – 1

Amit Sodha - Reminder


4. Allanah Hunt
Facebook Page:
Number of Votes – 1

Allanah Hunt Quote


5. Jen Gresham
Facebook Page:
Number of Votes – 1

Jen Gresham Quote


6. Farnoosh Brock
Facebook Page:
Number of Votes – 1

Farnoosh Brock Quote

3 Responses

  1. Jordan says:

    Wonderful list of quotes here. Having inspiring things on your mind can really help you lead a more positive life! My favorite is most definitely #6.

  2. These quotes are very inspiring! It is always a beautiful thing to inspire others through the words of others. They have the potential to encourage others to accomplish so much.

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